Essay on Exploring Vicarious Trauma and Intersectionality in Trauma Work

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Date:  2023-02-11

The paper is in target of making a clear view of the existence of vicarious trauma. It also makes an exploration of inclusion of present intersectional identities that are found in trauma work having torture survivors at very specialized programs across all regions in the United States. According to data analysis made in relation to trauma review, there is a clear indication that trauma therapists have the ability to potentially be transformed by their clients' resilience in very positive manner but not through painless ways( Butler, Carello, & Maguin, 2017). For one to make meaningful choices at trauma fields, it always involves immersion in the experiences of already intertwined joy, pain, and hope. It also makes appropriate expansions of boundaries of professionality and self-personality in the fields with selected survivors.

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However, various individuals have come up with a number of articles that tends to make descriptions of nature at which one is at a high risk of vicarious trauma. Different ways can provide a room for the condition, including; worker burnout where a worker tends to provide a room for stress to his/her employers (Wilson, 2016). Even though worker burnout is always a normal human service professional, at times the level of experience in the fields is always heavy resulting in maximum loses in an organization.

Child welfare is always a prominent act in the areas where burnout rates are high. Jobless actions can result in high level of stress. Secondly, peer influence can too lead to vicarious stress where maximum individuals are negatively affected by different acts performed by their peer groups Taylor et al, 2016). Lastly, vicarious trauma can be present in terms through illiteracy mode where individuals undermine themselves after comparing themselves with others.

To finale, appropriate strategies to use in order to minimize the act of vicarious trauma effects is through; Firstly, peer group guide and counseling attendance that is peer supervision where the affected individuals. Secondly, through education delivery by providing relevant guidelines on the measures to apply to prevent the condition. Lastly, it can be minimized through personal coping mechanisms where one is able to understand his/her own importance in life.


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