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Carrollwood is a community found in the Tampa Bay Area. It was founded in the year 1959 and it is considered as a census designated areas. The community was named after Ccharles Carroll and it is situated 30miles southwest of Tampa. On the east of the community, the area is called Tampa. Carrollwood Village is located to the west, Lake Egypt to the south and Lake Magdalene to the north. Originally, Carrollwood was occupied by settlers. This was in the 1880s and they established farms around the two lakes, i.e. Lake Magdalene and Lake Carroll. Most of the Carrollwood farms were located near a campsite that was used by the Spanish explorers.There are various notable locations in Carrollwood which include The village center, Palms of Carrollwood Shopping Center, Cascades shopping center and Wastewater treatment Facility North Village (Holzberg, 2006).

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Characteristics of People of Carrollwood

The people of this area portray different characteristics. This area remained as an isolated farming community until 1950s. This was when other people started purchasing land which was near Lake Carroll. Land was divided into smaller segments which were later sold to the people living in the Tampa Bay Area. They then turned into creating the custom built homes which featured large yards and also custom color themes. The residents of the community are likely to have numerous areas which are reflective of the changes taking place around them. With the transformation in their places of residence by the changes in the social culture as well as the land use, Carrollwood community may have been forced to either leave or even adapt.

There are numerous aspects of culture and social activities which define this community as a whole. The role of the social identity in shaping of its sense of place has always been a significant aspect when it comes to the community assessment. Age, race as well as religion have hence been among the critical dimensions of identity which have been utilized in understanding how a sense of place varies across the residents of a place. Again there is the role of religious activities which defines the people of this community. Furthermore, according to the community there is a symbolic effect of signage particularly regarding the public display of the 10 commandments and also how that defines the insiders and outsiders of this community which brings a sense of belonging to the people.

An example of the defining symbols is the Northern Hillsborough County. This is a large palace like Idlewild Baptist Church which was used by the people of this community when worshiping. This church sticks out from the rural countryside in its surrounding. This community has again flourished when it comes to business activities. A Good example is the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department. It is known to operate more than 300 recreational facilities which are open to the residents of Carrollwood. Other well known facilities include; the tennis complex, 14swimming pools, five beaches, modern boat marina, more than 150 parks, more than 20 community centers, and 15 urban bike trails. Furthermore, there are other areas of attraction which are situated in the Carrollwood properties and homes. They include New Tampa Community Center, the Tampa Convention Center, Rocky Point Golf Course, and the Glazer Children's Museum Complex.

There is a healthcare facility which has also been developed in this community. For instance there is the Carrollwood Advent Health. This hospital has made a wide expansion to their resources and also emergency care. The main newly expanded ER features include; the state-of-the-art technology including the pediatric ambient rooms and better visibility and accessibility. With this it allows for better services to the residents of this community. This is by the provision of fast, compassionate and also expert level emergency medical treatment. In addition, the community has put in place means of controlling other possible emergencies like fire. They have fire rescue teams which are responsible for fire prevention, fire protection as well as fire suppression services and emergency medical services for the seriously injured patients. This shows how the Carrollwood community is involved in various activities.

Comparison of Carrollwood, Florida With Data Related to Key Demographic Features

In comparing the demographics of Carrollwood to the state average, the unemployment rates in Carrollwood are significantly below average. When it comes to population fragmentation, the black residents in this community are below the state average. In terms of education, the people who hold a bachelor's degree in the community are above state average. Carrollwood is a suburb located in Tampa, FL. Tampa utilizes a robust City Council and Mayor system. In this type of municipal governance, the city council acts as the city's primary legislative body with the mayor as its chief executive. The mayor of Tampa has various responsibilities. The mayor is responsible with proposing the budget, overseeing the daily operations in the county, signing the legislation into law and also appointment of the heads of various departments (Ballot Pedia, 2019).

Most people in the community follow the laws outlined in the State's requirements. Given that 60% of the population ascribes to no religion, the populous of Carrollwood mostly moderates by the laws mentioned (City-data, 2019). The remainder of the community that ascribes to one belief or the other is moderated by the different religions they ascribe to, chief amongst is Evangelical protestants. Tourism is one of the major interests of the population in Carrollwood. There are numerous hotels and tourist destinations in this area. The real estate market in Carrollwood and thus Tampa has seen the exponential difference due to increased interest of the populous in tourism and related activities (Florida Hospital, 2019).

Again in Tampa, there is arrangement of the full display of senior home consideration organizations which include homemaking, and singular consideration. In Carrollwood, the most vulnerable group includes individuals with diabetes. This group is followed closely with the obese population together with those who have no access to healthy foods.

Public Health Services Available

As mentioned above, people with diabetes are the most vulnerable group in the community. They are closely followed by those who are obese and the people who lack healthy foods. This triggered the Food is Medicine objective. The initiative which is spearheaded by the Florida Hospital Carrollwood as the local partner ascertained that people in Carrollwood living with diabetes might not have access to fresh, healthy food. This initiative concentrates on the provision of quality food for the ones with diabetes. The main goal of the initiative is to change the food behaviors of those living with diabetes. This is by providing such people with access to the right food and nutrition education (Florida Hospital, 2019).

The participants usually enroll in the program and then undergo screening for blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index. After the end of the trial, these participants need to attend health education classes for free. They will then receive a complimentary of $10 at the end of every session. The initiative begins with two cohorts in 2 locales and has expanded to 16 areas. Each of the region has different requirements and reward schemes which is designed for its target audience. The Food is Medicine initiative in Tampa has received enormous support from both governmental and private players. The program has however received a lot of funding through the Florida West Hospital which champion the action. The program also donated trucks (Florida Hospital, 2019).

This Food is Medicine program has grown into a critical strategy for the Florid Hospital west Region. This is in terms of combating both obesity and diabetes. Since diabetes and obesity have been concerning health issues in the Tampa Bay area for almost a decade now, there has been a myriad of initiatives set up to combat the challenge. Key amongst them is ensuring that every patient has their Body Mass Index checked every time they are at a healthcare institution and having blood sugar levels checked have become standard in most of the hospitals in Tampa Bay (Florida Hospital, 2019). The hospitals in the area have also undergone extensive upgrading, through private-public partnerships, this has equipped them with the personnel and equipment to combat diabetes, obesity, and other health challenges.


In conclusion, it is crucial to note that diabetes can be effectively managed with healthy eating, which involves a combination of regular activity and weight management. Individuals with diabetes need to follow healthy eating based on the recommended dietary plans. The Food is Medicine Initiative program has been significantly made accessible to patients with diabetes and obesity. In terms of funding, it is evident that the program has received tremendous support from both governmental and private players and other stakeholders. Further, there has been collaboration where the plans were community partners to provide the insurance to the patients and increase the access to fresh produce nutritional education and classes. The program has been able to give individuals low-cost food, and improve the educational opportunities concerning nutrition.


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