Titanic Film Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-11-21


One of the most apparent aspects to note in the film is the plot and the characters. The film revolves around a love story that ensues in the famous ship. The difference existing in the social classes of the main characters, Rose and Jack, as well as the dilemma Rose has on whether she should marry her wealthy fiance Cal or go to be with her rather not wealthy new lover Jack is a subject of concern. The first thing to note in the film as far as the audience's point of view is concerned is this dilemma. Despite the differences in the social statuses of Rose and Jack, the two fall in love. It is easy to note that her fiance is not happy about this. Jack getting accused of wanting to steal a famous diamond that was in the ship and things getting hectic does stop him from reuniting with his newly found love mate, and this is a depiction of his determination in getting what they really want (Telegraph Reporters). The two lovers manage to find one another before the ship starts to sink. Before Jack dies from freezing, he manages to inspire Rose to not giving up - an act of heroism. The tone in the movie also contributes to the plot, as it is filled with suspense and tragic romance. The paper will be a discussion of the Titanic film, it argues that the structure of the film, as seen through the characters and the storyline, is a depiction of what many refer to as a tragic love story.

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The great visuals in the film are also evident from its opening shots, where a remote-controlled camera meanders its way inside the ship, through its doorways and down its corridors, showing views from the staterooms built for the wealthy to those inhibited by crustaceans (Cameron). The shots also contribute to the right note and style. It is like the ship calls from its grave for its story to be narrated to later generations. The story is essentially made of hype and showbiz, mirrors and smoke, just as the Titanic. She is an impressive work of man, probably the largest in history, a vessel that boasts its majesty to the audience, to the extent of snatching attention from other mega-structures of the world in histories such as the Great Wall and the Pyramids (Cameron). There is a shot of the Titanic ship, during the early times of the film that majestically sweeps beneath the camera between bow and stern, close to 900 feet long and titled "unsinkable". The ship proudly claims the title before an iceberg makes this no longer withstanding (Cameron).

The film essentially carries themes of tragedy and romance in it, a tradition in the great epics of Hollywood. It is crafted in a flawless manner, strongly acted, intelligently constructed, and spellbinding. If its story manages to stay well in the traditional formulas for these pictures, one does not necessarily choose one of the most costly movies ever to be made as their opportunity of reinventing the wheel. Before the movies even begin, it is easy to gauge the chances of some things happening (Telegraph Reporters). Seeing the Titanic sail and sink is among them, as well as being convinced one is looking at an actual event that took place in history.


Conclusively, the story will continue to fascinate writers and filmmakers for many future generations. The ship's sinking and the tragic ending of the love between Jack and Rose are great symbols for every stripe of artistry, human arrogance and pride, limits in technology, and the end of the Edwardian age.

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