Toyota Manufacturing Production and Assembly at Toyota Factory and Lean - Video Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-07-11


The video, "Toyota Production Documentary - Toyota Manufacturing Production and Assembly at Toyota Factory" is documentary which shows the steps involved in the production of Toyota vehicles. The video shows that the manufacturer is based on the lean system which is possibly meant to maximize the value added from the removal of waste as a significant exercise in the production activity. This implies that the manufacturers have successfully applied the concept of the lean system which focuses on the minimization of waste to add value to the given process. The documentary has therefore revealed the lean is used to inform the manufacturer of the Toyota automobiles. The application of the concept as provided in the video shows that the manufacturer in question traces its success with the same. The system can, therefore, be associated with a great importance since the focus of every stage of the process is on the ultimate value rather than unnecessary wastage.

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The documentary at some point shows details of the basic steps and the materials to be used so that the task in question is accomplished. This is a considerable aspect of the lean system which is referred to as the Work Breakdown Structure. This important p[art of the lean system covers the statement of all the required activities which should be completed. This has served as a strategic approach to achieving value since the procedures are stated in advance so that the manufacturing process follows a specific procedure. On the same note, no aspect of confusion arises in the course of production since the manufacturer know what to be undertaken at any given production stage. As a result, this contributes to the efficiency of the production since time is utilized properly. Time is one of the most important resources in such companies; the process tends to proceed efficiently.

The documentary also shows the need for accomplishing a given form and type of activity at a specific time. This is probably to help the manufacturer to adhere to the stepwise production procedure. The video has detailed how the company applies this aspect by incorporating the concept of Just-in-Time Philosophy. The philosophy refers to the practice of eliminating waste or muda. The manufacturer has succeeded in applying this concept through the cutting of the excess inventory or capacity. Besides, the manufacturers have only emphasized the acidities which would bring value to the production process. In the course of the related activities, the manufacturer tends to remove the activities which contribute little or no value to the process of production which may rather prevent the achievement of the ultimate goal of the manufacturer. As the video progresses, the production also occurs efficiently whereby stages follow each other as required.


The production process is shown in the video also applies the concept of Supply Chain Design which is drawn and derived from the provisions of the lean system in the manufacturer. The concept refers to designing the supply chain of a firm to meet the competitive priorities as detailed in the strategic operations of the firm in question. The system of the design serves as a significant guide for the manufacturers of the key production activities. The strategy appears to have enabled the Toyota producer to focus on the value-adding activities while reducing the occurrence and the subsequent effects of waste. It follows that the manufacturer must have identified the possible aspects of waste which, in the end, turn to be significant production problems.

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