Time Warner Cable: Poor Customer Care & False Promises - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-13


Time warner cable has received poor customer recommendations due to its reputation with customers, regulators, and other stakeholders. The customer has lost their interests for time warner cables, and their poor treatment can be justified. TWC company is a phone and internet provider that has been ranked among the worst service providers in the United States of America due to their frustration with customers. Time Warner Cable Company tarnishes its name by giving customers false promises, unrestricted treks, and irredeemable customer services that charter communications that are scratching the brand entirely (Kumar v. & Werner R.,2018). The government has also justified that the services customers receive are not worth what the customers always pay.

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TWC Service Analysis

Several months ago, New York launched an investigation through the attorney general’s office, Eric Schneiderman, to probe the broadband operator based in New York to see if the services offered by Time Warner cable are efficient and worth it. Services investigated were the speed of the internet, which the company claimed to be fast and reliable to customers. The results that were submitted to the CEO of the charter, Tom Tutledge showed they were not as requested by the company. Though they were preliminary findings, they could be justified regarding the customer’s responses.

The ads that Time Warner Puts across show how they boast about the services offered to their customers, which claim to be super reliable and blazing fast in terms of internet connections. Still, in reality, they are slower than what customers pay. The services are even worse than what other companies, such as Tim Wu, provides.

Time Warner Cable has obtained a poor reputation from customers, which requires a significant change in several aspects of their service provision. The change should be more than changing the name only, including management and supply chain management. The company needs a revolution in how it does its businesses and treats its customers at all levels of service provision (Kumar v. & Werner R., 2018). Open-source tools that test speeds shows precise results though Time Warner Cable always tend to disagree on the methods used to investigate. Slow internet speeds reveal many faults in the company at the broadband provider, which does not keep up to the needs for accessing the internet. Sometimes there is an overload of the internet that contribute to the loss of internet data and also thrown out.

Most of the customers experience these challenges at prime time when they need Time warner cable services. Moves freeze on streaming services such as Netflix, whereby the websites tend to load endlessly and make games non-responsive hence becoming unreliable service providers in many regions. The company also advertises false services about their internet. Some customers receive such as technically incapable Wi-Fi, which cannot reach higher bandwidths, which customers pay for according to the probe done. The company needs significant investment to change the notion of the customers, which includes substantial investment in the digital infrastructure behind their broadband offerings and pans to perform as per the Time Warner Cable system.

Efforts by TWC

However, the company is trying to regain its relationship with customers by creating customer-friendly strategies to its new customers to enable it to keep them. The other plan that the company has is to reduce their broadband speed up to about 70 Mbps with no data caps, no modem lease fee, and no based usage billing. In a statement issued by Time Warner Cable Company, it looks forward to bringing back the best reputation in countries such as New York by advancing their services, which will redefine what a cable company can be. There is a high level of insecurity to customer information, which is revealed when their customer, Cunt Martinez, receives a notice intended for a different client who hacked the company’s system and modified personal information. Poor record-keeping is among the most significant challenges facing Time Warner Cable in providing services to its customers. Sometimes the company is unable to respond to customer requests, which sees it send some technician out by claiming to be their responsibilities. It surprises its customers by how an employee can be unethical and risk losing their jobs. The services offered by the company shows the poor state of the TWC and the kind of people they hire to be their ambassadors.

Other most excellent cable companies such as Comcast have shown an interest in buying TWC. This step might not have any significant positive impact on the cable companies since they all have recorded the worst customer service rank in the United States in terms of customer satisfaction (Kumar v. & Werner R., 2018). The merger might be a failure due to the awful customer service reputation. Federal regulators have not yet confirmed whether they will allow the union to continue regardless of their conditions. Time Warner Cable requires a substantial investment in all its areas, both internet and cable services, to win the attention of many potential customers in the United States.

Cable and Internet Service Satisfaction

The Americans love the internet, and television hates companies that bring it to them. According to the recent research in America, it’s evident that customer satisfaction with cable and broadband has reached the lowest point by offering services to its customers. For instance, Comcast has an overall efficiency of 52% from 60% of last year, while Time Warner Cable, which wants to merge with Comcast, has an overall performance efficiency of 50%. Both TWC and Comcast says they have been consistently working hard to improve their services to customers. TWC is working towards merging the country’s number 3 cable provider called Charter Communication, which has higher ACSI ratings of 64%this years, an improvement of 4 from last year. Generally, all internet and cable providers have the lowest 44% score due to their poor customer service and high prices. Customers are locked in contracts, which makes them unhappy, therefore considers their services as totally unreliable.


Kumar v. & Werner R. (2018). Customer Relationship Management. ISBN 978-3-662-55381-7 (eBook). https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-662-55381-7

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