Theme of Conflict in A Midsummer Night's Dream Essay

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Titania being married to Oberon insists to beckon in the magic world. She remains intact to the Indian boy is catering for and doesn't feeling like giving up in him. She does this to protect her honor and love. Titania is upset by the natural quarrels of Oberon and declares to him that he should have already accepted his desires for the minor boy. Titania does not wish to let this Indian boy go because Oberon views him as a beautiful boy and wants to turn him to be his knight. She says that the boy's mother was not only her friend but also worshiped Titania and therefore he wasn't stolen. She needs this boy who is half mortal and fairy since she doesn't want to break her vows to her mother of bringing up the boy (Shmoop Editorial Team, 2008).

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Titania's Loyalty: Protecting Honor and Love for the Indian Boy

Titania and Oberon confront each other with blames. As Oberen accuses Titania for being in love with Theseus, all over a sudden they turn their conversation to the young boy from India whom was being claimed for by Oberen. Titania says that the boy's mother was her devotee before she passed away. Therefore, in order for Titania to honor the boy's mother memory, she could hold him nearer to her. The boy's mother died while giving birth to this Indian Prince.

Oberon wants this boy because he considers him to be very beautiful and wants to make him his knight. He becomes jealousy with Titania for catering of the Indian boy and demands the boy to be under him. He feels that Titania store the Indian prince from the King and her attention is to the changeling boy and not him. He wants to have the boy so that Titania's attention won't be lavished so much over the boy (Teachersage, 2017).

When Titania invites Oberon to accompany her in a fairy dance he turns down her offer since she is not willing to give him the Indian boy. As she storms away, Oberon promises to revenge before dawn to her. He commands pucks in search of purples and white flowers which were termed as love found in idleness which had been hit once in arrow's cupid. He confesses that if he rubs the juice in the flowers into the eyelid of the sleepers, the sleeper will love the everything will see first upon waking up. Oberon claims that he wants to use his flower juice to Titania having in mind she will love some of the creatures. Oberon ends up not using the juice impact till Titania yields the little Indian boy unto him. He plays this trick having in mind that Titania will obey him as her husband.

The Flower Juice Plot: Oberon's Plan to Manipulate Titania

My impression for Oberon and Titania is that they are both in need of the boy for various individual reasons which results to their conflict. Titania feels that she ought to as she promised her late friend on raising the boy while Oberon wants the boy to be his jester and be his job holder puck in the progress of the play. He feels that Titania's attention is to the boy and not him and therefore he steals him. They both have a fight since Titania fails to relinquish the so called changeling. They are accusing each other of infidelities but nobody is willing to be a loser.

Their conflict over the boy divides themselves into magical and very powerful creatures. These results to an impact to the mankind inhabit in the world. And not until their conflict is resolved, mankind will continue to suffer. As the play ends, rule for love are eradicated in order to solve conflict in marriages. Another way the conflict was resolved, eventually Titania gives up the boy to his husband Oberon in order to restore peace in their midst.

In the paly, Titania and Oberon are viewed as young lovers and both have lightened the theme of conflict in the play. Conflict is very serious disagreement among different individuals. In the play they are the main characters. As the play starts Titania and Oberon are not happy with one another having a fight over a small human child. This boy is referred as changeling in the play who has been raised by Titania after the death of his mother. For whatever reason Oberon demands for the boy for his own benefits. In deed he wants the Indian boy to be his own assistant and their argument over him results to all sorts of problems in the entire play. Their fight has made the play.


According to Titania, Oberon's anger impacts the world. The tension between Titania and Oberon alters the atmosphere. When they confront each other of their secrete affairs and lounges a conversation over the Indian boy, Titania tells Oberon that he has barred her from dancing the with winds due to his quarrels. As a result of upsetting seasonal nature of patterns, seasons starts changing and causes a great disorder. Titania blames Oberon's fight for all these changes.


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