Essay Sample on Historical Context and Ethnicity as depicted in A Brave New World

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Date:  2022-03-25


The book A Great New World by Aldous Huxley was written in 1931 and published in 1932. A Brave New World delineates a tragic future where the World Controllers indoctrinate, clone, and conciliate natives for the sake of the more prominent good. Huxley took the title of the novel from Shakespeare's The Tempest and he handles numerous social, logical and innovative ramifications.

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The Historical Context of A Brave New World

To start with, the historical context with which the novel was written has to be taken into consideration. The novel was written around the time when there was World War 1 and the industrial revolution. For the case of the industrial revolution, it was a time when the people of Europe were made to adopt better techniques as employed in manufacturing and production in whole. Working conditions for those in the factories was harsh. People were made to work for longer hours with very little pay in the end. This happening was cyclic and would continue on and on. Soon enough, the basic ancient ways of life would be slowly erased over time. Elsewhere, World War 1 and the resultant Great Depression adversely altered the British lifestyle extensively. As a result, there were general improvements in technological perspectives. Also, gender roles were influenced thus changed. As a result, people would thus see better social inclusion. (, n.p)

Elsewhere the setting outlined above would go a long way in making the context with which the book was written relatable. For instance, Huxley begins chapter one by describing the year as A.F 632. The timing and the world in which the occurrences take shape was around the time when Ford was extensively involved in the manufacture of his motor vehicle. Such times would be greatly characterized by technological innovations which were employed in production and its implications on people. This way, one can greatly argue on how the historical context shaped the writing of the book.

Ethnic Depiction in the Novel

Otherwise, another cause for concern is how ethnicity is depicted in the script. There is the Savage Reservation, comparing to the Native American terrains of the American southwest. Savages are made to live in the Badlands as portrayed in the book. Locals were basically utilized in light of the fact that they were the first to be utilized in constrained work to be utilized in the assembling firms set up around that time. Indians have been portrayed through social qualities clarified in the book. This will go from the snake move and the penance custom. The two of which are attributes of local Indians. For the piece of the snake move, it is clarified in the book that, as Lenina approaches the town, she hears the hints of woodwinds and drums getting ready for a function. Lenina finds the drums consoling and reminiscent of a Solidarity Service back home, yet then she is surprised by the burst of singing-several male voices shouting out wildly in brutal metallic harmony pursued by quietness. The dull drumming proceeds, however then the female voices shout out accordingly. After stopping for a moment, the procedure is rehashed. The custom then again is normal for a bird. The custom involving the man and the kid is altogether normal for the Indians. ( n.p)

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