The Women's Crusade - Rhetorical Text Analysis Sample

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Date:  2021-04-01

The text is an important as it talks about the "Women's Crusade." The text was written by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn on August of the year 2009. The text touches on the challenges which have been faced by women in the society and calls upon all the societal stakeholders to accord women their human rights and treat them just like their male counterparts. It touches on the injustices that women have been subjected to by the society regarding the owning of economic resources. It argues that in different parts of the world, women are not given the opportunity to play their roles economically as their counterparts. For example, it claims that most girls from Asian continent are not educated, but the boys are given the opportunity to acquire education (Nicholas 12). It thus appeals to all the stakeholders in the society that they should provide an opportunity to the girls and women in the community for active fighting off the poverty that has been rampant.

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The intended audience of the text range from the public, the government and the non-governmental organizations and the private sectors in the world's economy. Even though the issues tackled by the text mainly touches on women, it appeals to both the men and female in the society to take part in championing the rights of the women. It argues that women in the society have been reckoned that they are too weak in the society to even feed their children. According to the text, it is thus important to recognize that women are less vulnerable and given an opportunity, they can feed their families too. Furthermore, the audience of the text include the financial institutions players whom the author argues that they should be a position to provide financial assistance to the women for active fighting off the poverty that has been rampant in many societies of the world. It further argues that if women are provided with financial assistance, they will be in the position to discuss and address the social issues facing the society. For example, when Saima signed up with the Kashf Foundation, a Pakistani microfinance organization, she was in the position to team up with another woman and discuss the best ways of feeding and schooling their children (Nicholas 23). Additionally, the text also appeals to the government to provide women and girls financial support and they will, in turn, be in the position to come up with projects that will assist them to address the problems found in the society. Furthermore, the author argues that the government should treat women as their male counterparts and provide moral support to them.

The text was published in New York City by the New York Times magazine. The larger conversation of the text is about how women can take part in the feeding of the society when given a chance to do so. The text argues that women have been downtreated in the society as weak and unable to undertake productive activities such as farming. According to the text, poverty and famine have been so rampant due to such unfortunate beliefs from the society. It majorly talks about Saima who represent the disadvantaged women in the society. Saima goes to borrow a loan of $ 65 from the Kashf Foundation which is a microfinance institution (Nicholas 32). She then uses it to start a beads and clothes business which provides her continued source of income which she uses to feed and school his children.

The objective of the text is to demonstrate to the society that women are important players in the society if they are given opportunity. Like Saima, women can feed their families, and they can also provide fees for their children. The text, however, appeals to the public that women should be given the opportunity to own resources in the society and they can eventually turn such resources into wealth.

Women are important players in the economy, and when given a chance to own the economic resources in the society, they can transform such resources into wealth; they can use them to feed their families, clothe and school their children.

The text has used logos widely. The arguments presented by the text are consistent and clear, and the logic of evidence has also been used. For example, it has argued that women in the society for quite a length of time have not been given the opportunity to own resources. Accordingly, poverty and famine have been so rampant globally. The arguments provided by the text are based on the real life situations. Thus, the audience is presented with the chance of how women have been undermining in the society. Furthermore, the arguments of the text are based on the evidence and facts and coincide with the accepted beliefs and values (Nicholas 34). The pathos is used by the text by putting across the message in a convincing manner. The characters used by the text are credible and reflects exactly what has been going on in different parts of the world as far as the role of women in the society is concerned. It is an appeal to the emotions as it creates an emotional response among the audience.

The author has applied ethos strategy to put across the message. For example, the characters that have been used are credible and reliable to the readers. Furthermore, the sources used to build the arguments are based on the facts from different countries. For example, by focusing on the challenges faced by the women in China, the audience get to understand how women in other parts of the world have been continuously mistreated.

The author has also organized the text in a logical manner following a simple pattern which is chronologically ordered. The introduction of the text shows the message that the author intends to put across to the audience. As the public continue to read the text, the message becomes clear, and at the end of the text, he or she would have made a decision regarding the challenges faced by the women in the society (Nicholas 57). Thus, if the stakeholders in the private sector, the non-governmental organizations and the government read the text, they can eventually decide to provide assistance to the women to uplift their economic statuses and contribute positively to the society.

The language used by the author is persuasive. At first, the text provides a cross-examination of historical problems that women have been facing in different parts of the world. As it provides evidence, the audience is persuaded to understand the issues facing women in different parts of the world. The persuasion is also seen when the author uses Saima as a character and how she accesses loan and later on improved her life. Furthermore, the tone and voice of used by the author are appealing, and this makes the audience understand the role of women in the society. The main claim of the text is to demonstrate the role of women in the economy and that they need to be given the opportunity to own resources and actively play their roles. The primary evidence used by the author are the Chinese women who have been down treated upon by the society. Furthermore, the evidence put forward by the author regarding the role of women in addressing the societal problems is when he uses Saima. At first, Saima was economically down, and after acquiring the loan and building her businesses, she improves economically and thus can feed her family and educate her children. This shows that women can play critical roles in the economy when given financial and moral support. The evidences used by the author are important as they emphasizes on the message put across by the author.

Work Cited

Nicholas, Kristof and Sheryl, Wudunn. The Womens Crusade. The New York Times, 2009.

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