Free Paper Sample: Mobile Home Resident / Symbol Management

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Date:  2023-12-17

The Study of Kusenbach on mobile homes enhanced based on interviews correlated with 45 ethnographic interviews on mobile home communities in West Central Florida (Kusenbach, 2009). The main ideas presented include the strategies utilized by such individuals in managing stigma arising from their capacities of living in mobile homes. Besides, the study reveals the forms of negative stereotypes directed towards individuals established to constitute mobile homes (Kusenbach, 2009). Moreover, Kusenbach presents how the persons portrayed to have mobile homes can be utilized in the process of salvaging their decency. Consequently, the methodology of bordering and fencing display as the remarkable strategies in the process of effectually promoting control of the stigma directed towards mobile home individuals (Kusenbach, 2009). Besides, the techniques of humoring, ignoring, passing, resisting, upstaging, normalizing, and blaming also appear to divulge positive aspects in the process of controlling stigma directed towards people living in mobile homes. The negative stereotypes directed toward individuals deemed to live in mobile homes include considering such individuals to be inferior (Kusenbach, 2009). In the process of promoting their decency and limiting stigmatization, the mobile home individuals ascertain to distance themselves from other members of the community who possess negative perspectives towards them.

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In my neighborhood displays constitute several individuals from different races and social classes. This kind of aspect includes many predicaments in my community. The plight incorporates the injustices based on race and the social class of an individual. However, injustices based on race appear to be dominant in my community, especially among my community's African-American and Hispanic residents. Besides, individuals of the lower social class are portrayed to accrue similar challenges correlated with injustices. The nature of discrimination evident in my community divulges the necessity of rectifying the trend to promote a sense of belonging by all individuals in the community. Therefore, necessary reforms have to ensure incorporation to enhance the nature of the treatment of the vulnerable groups in my community so as to ensure a certain group does not feel oppressed. Furthermore, strict measures, including imprisonment, have to be formulation to halt the problem of discrimination in the societal setting. The formulated steps should incline towards eliminating biases in facilitating their application in the community set-up. In this way, a sound community will ascertain to emerge thus promoting the aspect of inclusivity.

The measures of "distancing," "bordering," and "fencing" accrue facilitation by many individuals as strategies tailored to enable their protection against certain forms of stigmatization and discrimination in society. In my case, I constitute a positive perception of all individuals in the community because I believe in the fact that we are all equal. However, I pity the individuals ascertained to struggle with the problems associated with discrimination and stigmatization in the community as they should be treated just in the same way as the rest od the people in the society. Thus, I champion organization and policies facilitating reformation of the society and attenuating the impact inclined to stigmatization and discrimination. Besides, I urge individuals stigmatized or discriminated against in the community to tilt resistance to the acts and thus promote the reduction of the vile practices in society. Besides, the form of resistance should also incline towards pushing for the implementation of protective laws inclined towards combating all forms of stigmatization and discrimination in the community.


Kusenbach, M. (2009). Salvaging Decency: Mobile Home Residents’ Strategies of Managing the Stigma of “Trailer” Living (1st ed.). Springer US.

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