The Warmth of Feelings: Not a Genuine Black Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

Not a Genuine Black Man is one of the best novel I have read in my life. Written by Brian Copeland from the first person point of view, the book elicits a lot of emotional feelings in the reader, based on the circumstances that Brian undergoes. I was first introduced to read and have the experience of this book by a friend, Mark. A group of youths decided to perform the book live on stage in one of the biggest showrooms in San Francisco. Considering the style and events in the book, it is undeniable to mention that Brian Copeland has succeeded to use the pathos, as a strategy that elicits a lot of emotions among the readers and the audience generally. It further uses this strategy to explore the character's struggle to search for his real identity as the black man in the United States. The themes such as Identity Search, American Dream and racism all work together to bring huge emotional feelings to readers when trying to put themselves in the events Brian is encountering throughout the book. The kind of emotional feelings that I had while reading this book could be related to the one I had while touring the Tibet Autonomous Region in China together with my family.

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In the book, "Not a Genuine Black Man", Copeland uses pathos to illustrate what emerges as a wrenching portrait of racism and stereotyping, violence and social mobility. The strategy helps tap the audience emotions with the aim of evoking the feelings of connectedness and motivation to act and prescribe to the positions and thoughts of the write. In the book, Brian mentions, "I didn't know what I was" (pg. 18). I would also use pathos to influence my audience as a writer. The primary goal of Pathos is to generate the emotions in the audience, which further play integral roles in decision-making during reading and listening.

Incorporation of the seductive topics and subtopics is an important element of pathos as a means of eliciting emotions in the audience. The narrator in the Beauty and the Beast uses this style to help attract the intended audience and consequently appeals to the self-interest of the public. The topic itself contain two words beauty and beast, are both contrasting each other. At this point, the audience develops a feeling of being inquisitive and desire to know more about the topic. The topic symbolically means the transformation that Watson encounters in the film. As a writer, I understand the role of emotions on the decision-making process of the audience, the pathos can be achieved through using plain language, arousing the readers' curiosity and opting for the right length of the headlines or titles. Notably, these elements help make the promise that a writer keeps the headline. Readers will, therefore, get the opportunity weigh the benefits they can attain through reading the article and after that respond to my CTAs. In the case whereby I am writing about health benefits of exercise, these elements will further help the reader know and understand the secret to achieving a slimmer beach body through minimal effort is just one click away.

In the film the Beauty and the Beast, the writer profoundly unlocks a plethora of positive emotions through writing the scenes, which helps influence the audience. Notably, the storyline concerns a youthful girl pursued by vial older man. So as to save the life of her father, she is subjected to imprisonment in the bewitched castle. In the same way that the director Kirk Wise use emotion driven scenes to influence their audience, I will also emulate this strategy. I am aware that the emotion-driven essays sell in a manner that is unimaginable because they play the crucial role in enhancing motivation, inspiration and triggering actions. I would therefore establish the appropriate intensity and allowing the readers to expect the advantages related to the issues raised in the written articles, essays or books. Noteworthy is the fact that the addition of positive emotions to my essay would help in the generation of the higher response. Being personal and learning to establish a deep connection between with readers forms an integral part of this technique. Building bonds with the readers is a crucial step towards persuading them on the issue being discussed. This process can be an easy and rewarding assignment provided that the writer accepts to put the right amount of time and energy within the research phase.

I will further use appropriate tonal variation and intonations to influence my audience. This will help create the attachment between the audience and myself. The attachment emerges when the narrative tone demonstrates numerous signs of emphasis that it provokes itself to life and disbelief suspended. The audience further obtains sensation that somebody has believed the narration. According to Serravallo, inflection of the tone, when applied to given events, can be relentlessly crucial to writers or fiction. This is an important technique that offers the symbolism of belief. This kind of emotions are not those that are recollected, but those that are re-enacted through the eye. The knowledge within the audience, therefore, plays a crucial role in creating a feeling of being inside the moment described in the story and even further thinking on how to discover the strategies that can be used to handle the situation ahead.

A writer can also use emotional appeals to directly or indirectly engage his readers. A recent study revealed that our senses are forced to process more than 11 billion million bits of new data every single second (Smith 44). This implies that the majority of readers demonstrated a short attention span and became unable to dig more in-depth with the aim of identifying critical information in long and poorly written articles or blogs. The most pressing question to ask in this case is, therefore, how does the writer keep his reader or audience engaged? Firstly, the writer can make emotional appeals through providing feedback. Readers should not be ignored, but instead listened to. Additionally, responding to comments that they place on the writer's blog or social media helps them feel that their inputs are valued and makes them even more emotionally attracted to the issue discussed in the book or article. Conceivably, teasing your readers or the forms an important aspect that aims at increasing the emotional feelings.

As a writer, I will be able to establish a relationship with readers from the beginning. This can be substantially achieved through the incorporation of the introduction, where the writer gets the opportunity of setting the tone. This will help to pull them into the whole writing process and sail together throughout the writing process. The relationship will further make them feel that they form the crucial part of the essay. While it is essential to make them part of the essay or article, I would not be too quick to establish the relationship but should be something gradual, and that occurs automatically. If your goal is to persuade the anti-drugs activists to support the abolition of a given drug, the essay or book should not just start by just saying, "Drugs should be legal." Instead, I should first recognize that people use drugs for a variety of reasons, but hope to have it eliminated from the society through collaborative approaches. It helps develop a feeling of self-preparation in readers. Finally, the use of a good conclusion that reminds the readers of all the events and issues discussed in the written article is tremendously essential. Perhaps, as a writer, I would have already made his points in the body of the written material. In fact, incorporating the conclusion will be an opportunity to help reinforce the significance of the topic.


In conclusion, this paper has offered a discussion on pathos, as the best strategy that can be used by the writer to influence his audience. Notably, these strategy helps tap the audience emotions with the aim of evoking the feelings of connectedness and motivation to act and prescribe to the positions and thoughts of the writer. Besides, it helps generate the feelings in the audience that are favourable to the writing process and also play integral roles in decision-making during reading and listening.

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