The Use of Basic Psychology by Radiologists - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-18

Radiology is one of the core disciplines of medicine according to a new study. For medical patients to provide quality health care services, they need to understand the concepts of psychology and how it relates to their work. Radiology is a type of specialist that uses medical images to diagnosis and treat diseases which are seen within the body. Due to the advancement of technology, there are various types of radiology which are used in treating different types of illness. One of the ways in which education psychology is related to radiology is a medical student needs to understand the behaviour of a particular individual before diagnosis him or her with the use of radiology. For such a student to understand how the patients relate to that procedure, it is certain that he/she will have to apply psychological concepts.

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Some of the disciplines which are taught in educational psychology are also used in the concept of radiology. This mostly relates to how certain structures of the body perform. In psychology, a person might be behaving in a certain manner due to internal injury. As such, the psychologist will have to identify the cause of certain behaviours before establishing the best solution for that case (Hall, 2017).

In some cases, specific machines which are used by radiologist might affect how certain parts of the body of a patient function. As such, it is only through a psychologist that they would establish that the patient has either been affected negatively or positively. For example, some parts of the brain might be damaged through the use of Computed Tomography which would affect how the patient functions in the long run. Based on that, it is certain that educational psychology relates to the concepts of radiology.

The work of radiology is to examine the physical condition of a patient as well as the internal parts. For such measures to be possible, the radiologist would be required to ask the patient certain questions while trying to examine his/her psychological aspects. Based on that, the radiologist would not be able to perform his or her job effectively without understanding the psychological principles. Also, while performing those radiology experiments, the radiologist would have to examine the reaction of the patients. As such, it would require the person to try and interpret that results based on the knowledge he/she obtained from the psychological concepts (Mueller, 2012).

For the radiologist to evaluate the results of that procedure, the medical specialist would require using the basic principles of psychology. In some cases, the images from those machines might give varying results which might be difficult for the radiologist to interpret without using the knowledge from psychology (Mueller, 2012).

Another way in which educational psychologist relate to radiology is the way they need to be active listeners. The radiologist should try to give full attention to what people say and take time to the points that they are being made (Lippincott, 2010). Such process could not be possible unless they have basic information of educational psychology. It also relates to asking appropriate questions and try to analyse the feedbacks that they get from the people. The radiologist should also be able to communicate effectively and adjusting their reactions about others actions.


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