The Role of Women in the Revolution Essay

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Date:  2022-08-01

In the revolution of any nations, community or any group of people, there must be people who perform various positions for the process to come to a reality. The women in the same note played a key responsibility in the revolutionary process and can remarkably be appreciated for the very work they did. Revolution came with a great war that called for the participation of all the members of a given society including the women. The women just like the other groups of people played e specific role in the roll down of revolution in the world. The characters were traditional with some being very involved in scandals and unconventional acts during the war for revolution. They did the supportive jobs like cooking, nursing and spying as well as many more as discussed in this paper. The following are some of the significant roles played by the women during the war for revolution:

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The women acted as spies. This act was not known to many otherwise it is one of the recognizable roles the women played that yielded to the coming of the present revolution. Most of the spy women were working as cooks and maids to the opponents. As they carried out their duties, they studied the ways and operations of the rivals and hibernated in the task they were offering them. They followed keenly the plans of the opponents especially concerning the shortages in the supply and deliveries, troop movements and military strategies. These women found a way to carry the information they gathered to their people in the field where the battles were taking place. This was possible for them because the wars were in most cases taking place in the streets and front yards of homes and in the farms where they were able to meet their people and share the information they gathered to them without being detected or suspected. Some of these spy women were hidden in the farms, ecoiand food supplied to them to have them collect the information about the opponents without being noticed. The women did this to protect the patriots and to hide the soldiers from the royalist raiders who persuade them in woods.

The women played the role of nurses. During this time, the nurses were not used so much at the beginning of the war. Later as the war continued, the need for the nurses came up. The women got seriously involved in nursing services primarily in the late 1770s. These women who did the nursing services were initially working in the comp flowers, mothers of male soldiers, the wives and the daughters of the soldiers. They looked for food for the soldiers following the soldiers in the fields since they were not able to search for food for themselves at this time. The women were employed later with the gain of experience to offer medical services and not food alone. They were paid the normal prices for the services they provided until when the reorganization was made that brought on board the continental army medical army staff who took over the responsibilities of offering the medical services. The most skilled work was done by the surgeons with the women doing the bathing of the patients, feeding, cleaning the ward of the hospital, cooking and doing the custodian work as well.

Some women also braved to work as soldiers. In as much as the women were not allowed to join the military at this time, many women braved the dangers and secretly served as soldiers during the war for revolution. These women presumed the characters of men by bandaging their breasts, cutting their hair and adopting masculine names. Many of these women who joined the army were unmarried, poor and young. Their rate of resigning would vary since they joined the military as a source of income to them as a result of the payoffs given to the soldiers.

The women also played the role of maids, dressmakers and cooks. These were some of the most common roles played by the women during the war for revolution. They offered services such as maiden, cooking, laundry works and bearing water among others. These were the first duties the women were involved in in the military for the first time. These were at first reserved for the male soldiers. These women were followers of the soldiers, and it is from their midst that offered some other services like spying and nursing were picked. They worked like the house workers and got their food and the food for their children from the camps since most of them were poor and had been left by their husbands who joined the military. They were poor and had been left by their husbands who joined the military.

The women also played the role of guarding the homes. Since there was a need for the men to go to the war, the fathers and their sons left he homesteads going to the battle. The wives were left alone with the sisters and the daughters. Because there were no appropriate means of communication, the women were not aware of when their husbands would be back. They therefore in the absence of the men took over the full authority and mandate to look over the families they had been left with as the men fought in the forefront for revolution. The women typically did the overall management of the home affairs and the management of the household. They in place of their husbands earned income that sustained the family. They also managed the farms and did businesses to raise their families. Many of these women though appeared vulnerable to the attack by the opponents in the absence of the men; they were neither defenseless nor powerless. Many of them joined the informal groups which significantly had an impact on the revolutionary war. In the groups, they stimulated patriotism and decreased the dependence on the colonies.


In the army camps, some other women as well followed their husbands on the so doing, the women are considered to have played a very crucial role in the revolutionary war. They are in conclusion the contributors of the success that is celebrated to date. They played unique roles, and since then the women have cooperated well and at least played a significant role in the civil and the revolutionary wars. The women played very many other roles such as being victims which were the traditional role of the women in the combat; they were the cheerleaders, provision and covert operations.


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