The Rise of Communism and Fascism Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-26

The interwar era marked the rise of totalitarian, fascist as well as the communist governments. These were the systems used by the governments to run the nations at the time. Benito Mussolini who was the Italian dictator at the time came up with the totalitarian regime which he used to refer to the moving spirit of the nation when in reality; the term is used to mean the total control of all activities of the nation in all perspectives by the ruling government. The ruling government at the time took over the social, political and the economic sectors and therefore creating a dictatorship. The nations that indulged in the fascist rule included Italy, Japan, and Germany. However, in Germany and Italy, there was a little bit of economic and social freedom while in Japan there was complete control of activities by the emperor. The following discussion, therefore, is the analysis of the history regarding the governments mentioned earlier as well as the relative concepts to the topic.

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First, communism is the economic, political and social structure where there is the communal ownership of property and the regime where there is the absence of money, social classes as well as a state. Through this kind of ideology in a nation, there is the discouragement of capitalism. Anarchism and Marxism are the ideologies incorporated into the communist ideology. Through the social revolution, there is the dismissal of a capitalist society negatively characterized. Through the communist way of activities, there is the discouragement of the capitalist regime blamed for poverty as well as the division of the people into two distinct classes that have been separated by wealth and money (Nester, 2018). Much criticism has been brought about regarding the communist way of society thus leading to the classification of the critics into two groups. The first group relates to the actual practice of the communist regimes during the twentieth century while the other group refers to the rules and theories developed through communism. Secondly, fascism is the act of dictatorship which is characterized by the suppression of the nation's opposition and the forced regime upon the social and economic activities in the government. It was a practice that took place in the early twentieth century in the European region (Brower, D., & Sanders, T. 2014). The fascists that led the First World War saw it as a revolution which would lead to the extensive change of the society including the political, social and economic systems in many countries across the globe.

In the dictatorial state, there was the limitation of the mass media as well as the opposition parties. It was in the effort to minimize the mass communication which would contribute to the mass mobilization. There was the brutality involved in this type of regime including the murder cases of the people who tried to question the administration (Brower, D., & Sanders, T. 2014). However, the freedom of the mass media contributed to the revolutions which took place in the effort of establishing new systems of the ruling which would take the democratic direction as well as a constitution to guide the running of activities in the government. There is the high ability of a government that is communist to shift into the totalitarian government. There is the possibility of the gradual change of the national concept of the type of leadership that has been reinstated and therefore pushing for the change in the order of activities. In most of these situations, there is the shifting of the regime from the communist to a fascist one.


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