The Progressive Era: Emerging Concepts of Social Work and Social Welfare From 1900 to 1930

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Date:  2022-09-15


Social work and social welfare have been essential areas in the development of human lives. These aspects often aim to foster the well-being of individuals especially the poor and the needy. However, there are emerging concepts of social work and social welfare that have occurred between 1990 and 1930. These concepts are said to be influenced by the state. The New Jane Crown article will be used to create an understanding of these changes with the connection of historical and contemporary actions.

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The New Jane Crow

The New Jane Crow is an interesting article that presents issues of concern that affects the society today particularly African-American women. This idea emerged from the US justice system where an attorney argued that poor black women could not take care of their children; therefore, it was imperative to put the children under foster care as punishment for the poor black women (Jones & Seabrook, 2017). The New York Times news nicknamed this action ''Jane Crow'' based on the regulation of the American practice of Racial segregation.

The reason for reading this article is to discover the racial discrimination against poor black Women. The report demonstrates how the racial suppression of African-American women orchestrated parental separation and denied women their maternal right (Jones & Seabrook, 2017). By reading this article, one can unveil that the collective efforts of the New Jane Crow interfere with the social synthesis of the African-Americans.

This article has a close link with the social work and social welfare material being discussed in class in the sense that the policies of social work and welfare, as well as those of New Jane Crow, aims to protect the poor and needy in the society (Jones & Seabrook, 2017). However, the New Jane Crow leans on one side of protection. Whereas it advocates for the improvement of children's lives, it denies mothers their maternity rights by separating them from their offspring. This issue is a repetition of the events that occurred in the past.

Throughout history, African-American women have been segregated from their children, forced to abort them and prevented from raising their children as a result of socioeconomic and structural problems (Jones & Seabrook, 2017). History portrays this act as slavery, oppression, and racism imposed on black women. Therefore, this case reflects slavery, abuse, and racism as the major historical themes linked to the New Jane Crow.

According to Jones & Seabrook (2017), racial subjugation on African-American women in the United States is based on slavery. The fact that women suffered multiple oppressions in history is difficult to deny. Taking all these historical events into account, we can quickly inform our responses on the issue presented in the New Jane Crow. Ideally, Jane crow discloses that discrimination is still prevalent today as it was in the nineteenth century.

The worst situation is that changes have been made in the justice system in a way that practices and beliefs from slavery times are portrayed differently (Jones & Seabrook, 2017). We can, therefore, formulate a response that the labeling of the serious crimes encourages legal discrimination although most people fail to understand it since such cases are hidden with words like 'felon' that creates leeway for legal enslavement and separation of certain individuals. In brief, the justice system is using some legal means to segregate a group of people racially. This discrimination is still witnessed in the US.

The New Jane Crow also relate to some of the significant themes such as gender inequality, race and class, the role of the government at the federal, state, and local level in addressing social problems; beliefs about children and knowledge about the relationship between the state and the family (Jones & Seabrook, 2017). Considering race, the article demonstrates how black people are mistreated in America. For instance, during drug crack head, blacks were the prime suspects, and every one of that race was considered a drug dealer.

Jones & Seabrook (2017) uses studies which demonstrate that both blacks and whites use drugs at the same level, but black people are treated differently. They also observe that white children are more likely to engage in drug abuse, but the US jails and prisons show a contradicting presentation. It, therefore, implies that America has a specific target of a particular color. Overall, the New Jane crow exhibits all kinds of discrimination including race and class, the role of the government at the federal, state, and local level in addressing social problems; beliefs about children and opinion about the relationship between the state and the family


In sum, the article argues that the New Jane crow is a strenuous attempt to exploit African-American women, overturn their reproductive choices and deny them parental rights. This article presents significance contribution to the American judicial system particularly in the conceptualization of the New Jane Crow and the effort to fight for the maternal freedom of black women and overall discrimination faced by African-Americans. By reading the New Jane Crow, it becomes evident that the author provided ideas with the thought of legal subjects to fight against racial and gender identities. The report reflects some of the historical events and concludes that foster care as punishment for poor Women is an aspect of oppression, slavery, and discrimination which have negative impacts on black women.


Jones, C. A., & Seabrook, R. L. (2017). The New Jane Crow: Mass Incarceration and the Denied Maternity of Black Women. In Race, Ethnicity, and Law. Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited.

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