The Passage on Royalty by Anita

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Date:  2021-03-11

The passage on Royalty written by Anita is a fascinating journey in poetic point of view. She writes her work from the female perspective. She selects particular themes on which she has to deal with. One of her book that she has written about Royalty gives a brief story about a young Mexican man who had studied America and later returned to his hometown where he found it as a changed part of the world, but his family has not yet changed.

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The paragraph that am going to deal with shows how Raja changes his mind about the summer trip that he has to go with Sarla.However later on; he changes his mind about the journey, and Sarla is not happy about it. There is a rivalry between Sarla and her sister Maya who are trying to compete each other to outdo each other in winning Raja. Raja, a member of the royalty, is being competed for by several women. The most interesting paragraph in this story is the following paragraph.

Simba! Simba! Ravi put his hands around his mouth and called after the dog who had loped away up to the top of the hill and vanished. Then he turned around to look for Sarla. He could see neither his dog nor his wife one had gone too far ahead, the other lagged too far behind. He lowered himself onto a rock to catch his breath and picked up a pine cone to toss from hand to hand while he waited, whistling a little tune

Evening light flooded down from the vast sky, spilling over the pine needles and stones of the hillside. Everything seemed to be bathed in its pale saffron glow. An eagle drifted through the ravine below. He could hear the wind in its feathers, a melancholy whistle.

Sarla? he called out finally, and just then saw her come into sight on a turn of the path below him, amongst a mass of blackberry bushes. She seemed to be dragging herself along, her sari trailing in the white dust, her head bowed over the walking stick she held in a slightly trembling hand (Desai pg 10-11).

According to my opinion to me, this is the most interesting part of the story to me. It is an interesting story as it shows how Raja changes his mind about Sarla and agrees that he has to take Sarla with him. Sarla is excited to the extent that trembles when Raja tells him of his plans to be accompanied by her to the mountains. It is the exciting part that shows how Sarla had struggled to be part of the royal family and later she is made one. It is a significant turning point which gives the other women the chance to understand that Raja loves Sarla, and hence they do not have to compete with him again. It is a turning point that gives Raja an opportunity to change his view about his home country and have a wife for himself.

The most important point of view in the paragraph is how Raja suddenly changes mind about only his girlfriend and his town, which he did not care about in the past. The paper illustrates Johns Gardeners definition of moral fiction where an individual changes his character as time goes by, this conforms to Raja, who later changes his mind about his state and changes his behavior towards women.

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