The Parking Guidance System: Product Description

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Date:  2021-03-13

With the improvement in technology, businesses are looking for innovative ways to change the manner in which business is carried out. There are many areas that have benefited from the improvement in technology such as the case of surveillance and security systems. It is out of this recognition that our business decided to come up with a parking guidance system that would improve efficiency in the manner in which cars are packed. For this reason, the system entailed the installation of sensors that monitors all available parking spaces within the University's parking premise. Each parking space within the institution will be fully fitted with a sensor. Drivers will get a clear notification signal in the form of an indicator light from the space that will be installed at all droppers located at the front view of any parking garage or space available. This will ensure that drivers get information pertaining the availability of space and the manner in which they are to park their cars.

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As part of making it simple for all drivers to understand how the system works, the parking guidance system will make use of color variations to help them know the status and user group of a given space. The colors will be standardized with green showing availability while red will serve as an indication for space occupied. This will prompt the drivers to know which space to use and which not to use depending on the availability status. Handicapped parking space will be indicated by blue. To make it easier for one not to miss out on the information offered by the system, our parking guide system will ensure that all the colors used are conspicuous enough to all drivers when entering each parking premise within the institution. This will help to prevent cases of wrong parking.

To improve on the efficiency, the sensors used will collect information about the duration of stay in the parking space for each car as well as the mode of usage for the different groups making use of the university parking premise. This will give the university the chance to enhance the policies and procedures on vehicle parking at the institution. To achieve this, the system will be fully integrated with well-updated versions of Google map that will focus on the target university. The integrated system will be connected to the sensors.

It is therefore evident that our parking guide system app will be efficient especially in the manner it will ease parking and congestion within the university. Students and faculty members will thus save time when looking for available parking space due to the notification they will be getting. Its efficiency is also attributed to the fact that it serves an environment-friendly purpose based on the manner in which energy will be saved as well as reduction in air pollution levels by vehicles when looking for parking spaces. Users will not find it hard to use it because of the manner in which it has been designed. It is easy to install and thus users will not need to worry about any form of settings required to start using it.

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