Setting Up the IT Security Defense Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-05


Information security is vital to organizations as it helps to protect unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, disruption, destruction, and inspection of information (Krit & Haimoud, 2016). In any given organization, a help desk support will undertake the following procedure to protect the data of an organization:

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  • Installation of antivirus software for the computers of the organization
  • Keeping the operating systems used by the computers of the organization up to date.
  • Use of strong passwords and screensavers in locking the computers of the organization.
  • Using password for the organization's Wi-Fi
  • Installation of the firewall on the office network.
  • Undertaking a regular data backup
  • Avoid opening emails even from trusted sources.
  • Informing the employees of the organization not to use public Wi-Fi for business work.
  • Use of two-factor authentication wherever possible.
  • The employees also need to be informed not to visit unfamiliar sites.


The project focuses on understanding the risks associated with the data as well as information. A help desk support analyst analyses the security breaches that have occurred or those that are yet to occur and put in place the respective countermeasures to strengthen the given system against such breaches. The help desk support analyst primarily works on the systems and networks used by the organization as well as companies in the management of their information and data. Working as a help desk support analyst involves working with a variety of computer networks including those associated with the banking sector, the defense industry, and the government which is vulnerable and is always at high risk of being attacked. These networks are always associated with shared platforms such as cloud computing where most of the organizations prefer to host their data today (Krit & Haimoud, 2016; Ommen, 2014). The help desk support analyst also mostly interact with other vulnerable platforms such as the mobile telephone and application technologies, laptops, and the online payment platforms.

A help desk support analyst focusing on IT security has a broad field traversing both the information and cybersecurity. The two fields, information, and cybersecurity, often go hand in hand. Thus, a specialist of IT security must develop an understanding of the work in these two areas (Ommen, 2014). The primary responsibilities of a help desk support analyst are to maintain the key requirements of data, which are the confidentiality, availability, and integrity through the protection of information from unauthorized access and violation, and supporting the front line defense of the existing networks. The help desk support analyst also need to carry out penetration testing and computer forensics.


IT security is essential for organizations to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and information is protected from malicious intentions. The CIA triad helps to protect the organization's sensitive information from being changed, altered or transferred. Thus, a help desk support analyst must put in place measures to ensure the systems within an organization is protected from the insider as well as outsider attacks.


Krit, S.B., & Haimoud, E. (2016). Review on the IT security: Attack and defense. 2016 International Conference on Engineering & MIS (ICEMIS), 1-12.

Ommen, B.V. (2014). IT Security in SMEs: Necessary or Irrelevant?

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