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With regard to the Yellow Wall-Paper, we find John who is taking to himself that it is rarely that there are conventional people like John and myself to secure ancestral walls for the summer. It quite unrealistic for one to secure ancestral wall yet we are not able to see nor even touch the spirits. It is only a matter of believe that the ancestors exist. In this regard, John is trying to compare the true living to the superstitious kind of life which is the ancestral wall that he feels according to himself that he can be able to secure it. This is ironical because no person has ever seen ancestral walls since it is just believed that ancestors do exist but no one has ever come across such kind of scenario as it is only factious (Stetson).

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John's Ironies and Contradictions

On the other hand, John is seen to be contradicting with himself through his own statements in the context where he say that stagnantly I will humbly declare that there is something strange about it. Normally, in the real life situation it is quite ironical to find out that a person will be proud of something that is queer, it is expected that something unusual will not be highly praised the way John is doing but it will be rather looked down upon and also if possible done away with since the society will not like kind of scenes and will therefore discourages from taking part in such parties. Unfortunately, John is referring to marriage as something that is queer. Concerning this context it is evident that John is not in his mind since marriage is taken as a very sacred thing, the reason being that it contains life in it. Therefore it has to be treated with a lot of respect and dignity.

In addition, John is seen to be particularly practical whereby he exercise no patience with confidence, he also show intense horror of superstition by ridiculing without fear speak about stuffs that are out of existence s they cannot be felt, neither can they be observed nor recorded down in figures. The author use Johns character to pass message to the society about the importance of having faith. Accordingly, faith is having trust upon things that are not tangible are only believed for. The faith has to be exercised with patience and not in haste as seen shown in the context by John.

John's Role as a Physician and Society's Challenges

Moreover, John is said to be a physician who says that he would not talk of a living soul, but views at the Yellow Wall Paper as a dead paper which greatly relieves his mind and says that that might be the reason as to why he does not get well in time. It is therefore, ambiguous to find that John as a physician does not get fun in saving lives but delights in the dead paper saying it relieves his mind. The author is using John as a physician who is not responsible for their duties but are only a masqueraders to pin point out the various challenges that are there in our society. It is to our expectation that a physician will always be in the best position of diagnosing patients different illnesses basing on their characteristics and how they explain their feelings they will tell the doctor (Gilman). It is surprising to find that John as a physician is not able to diagnose his own sickness. Similarly, this is a clear indication of the many happenings that are taking place in our societies because people are not willing to fast of all correct on their mistakes. All they want and believe is that they can be better psychotherapists to other peoples problems yet they have been defeated by their own problems. On the same note, John is telling us in the context that his brother has a similarly high standing physician character just like him; this is to mean that the brother is not any better off. The author is emphasizing here by going further to mention of the brother to John having a similar problem. The author is just emphasis on the evil that the society is rooted on and is the main reason as to why there are many evils in terms of poor service delivery that is never ending.

Despite the fact that John is staying with a friend at the new room that they move to, john is seen to taking more control towards deciding on what is to done in the house yet he is not responsible for the paying the house rent. Additionally, John has just been hosted but he forgets that and wants to control the friend in deciding on everything that happens in the house. For case, the friend laments that they moved to the room they are staying solely on his account in order for him to have a perfect rest and all the freedom that he wanted. Unfortunately, he does not in get the perfect rest he was anticipating, however what he get in return I that John does not provide him with the conducive environment that will provide him with a peace of mind. John tells him individual bodybuilding depends on ones own strength, my cherished, and an individuals meal fairly on the personal appetite; but air you can fascinate it all the time. He tells him this statement since the friend complains that they were supposed to tale a downstairs room and not the one at the stairs since. This is as a result of the friend launching a complaint of not having a perfect rest. However John takes it jokingly. The author uses these two figure to let the society understand the reason why people will always be against certain essential facilities that are meant for all. It is indeed true that some people will always think to be more superior to other just as illustrated by John who feel he is supposed to be the one to control everything in the room forgetting that he is just being housed.

The Friend's Revelation and Lessons Learned

Furthermore, the friend to John is heard saying that he had discovered one funny thing but he finds it more convenient not letting John aware. He says that it is not good to trust other people too much. He says this when John is expected to be out of the house for some time and there will be no one to bother him much as John normally does. When John is way the friend gets it more convenient and to some point relieved. The author uses the example of John to bring out his message that in life some things may just act as hindrances towards an individuals success; but people need to overcome this obstacles and get determined to work towards achieving their set goal and not behave in the manner that is depicted by Johns friend since it took him long to enjoy his comfort when John was away (Stetson).

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