Book Analysis Essay on Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Date:  2022-11-17


The book Animal Farm George Orwell creatively uses the animal characters to disseminate various aspects of modern society. Some of these characters are used in a symbolic way to portray some of the human characters that are either evil in nature or some that are admirable. The discussion of characters of Mollie, Moses, and Benjamin will help in broadening the understanding and the symbolism as applied by the author.

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Mollie is a horse character in the book Animal Farm. The animal is stupid, quite materialistic and vain in nature. However, her only saving grace is her beauty and attractiveness. She attends the Old Major's address so late and begins flirting with Mane. She is so timid and when the fighting starts, she retreats and hides in her manger. Mollie symbolizes the Russian middle class known as the bourgeois; characters in the society who are not committed to changes in any social calling. They were not ready to give up their luxuries for the sake of their own good; in fact, most of them fled to the West for safety. The place of Mollie in the Animal Farm is to help in developing the plot with regard to the understanding of the lackluster role that the social class played in regards to the revolution that swept across the globe at the time.

Benjamin, the oldest animal in the entire farm is a donkey. He has got very bad tempers and rarely talked if only to make some cynical remarks. After the rebellion, the rest of the animals ask Benjamin what he thinks about the new organizations. He replies that donkeys live long and rarely die, they live longer. His clear-headedness and sense of reason project Benjamin as someone who would make a good leader. Benjamin is used by the author to symbolize the realities that age brings wisdom and that maturity is a recipe for leadership just as was seen in the role played by Orwell who sees and speaks out against the injustices in the society. Benjamin effectively meets the audience thirst for understanding of the plot to show the group of people who believed in creating change and establishing social order. George Orwell develop his plot using Benjamin as the sense of reason, sober character that fights for the establishment of the social order in the animal kingdom.

The author introduces the relevance of raven through the character of Moses. In realities, Ravens are a fast animal due to the fact that they can fly fast and spread relevant information. During the establishment of the idea of animalism and revolution, Moses spreads propaganda that threatens the very success of the whole idea. Moses, who is Joneses' favorite pet, tells of a foreign land called Sugarcandy where they will one day go to spell an end to their suffering. The importance of Moses in the Animal Farm plot is that he effectively meets the quest to understand that not everyone who shows interest in your efforts are interested in the outcome. When the rebellion breaks out, Moses follows Mrs. Jones for years. The place of Moses in this book is a clear manifestation of the people in the society who takes middle ground but will never stand out against the wrong in the society, such as the church. Moses symbolizes the Russian Orthodox Church which came independently from the main Orthodox Church. Moses keeps the hope and dreams alive just like the church even when the grains seem to mount against him.

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