Romeo & Juliet - Why Is Cosmic and Celestial Imagery Used in Act 2, Scene 2? Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-04-19


William Shakespeare’s calamity, Romeo and Juliet, set in fifteenth century Verona, tells the narrative of two star-crossed lovers, who find each other in the thick of force and competition fuelled by an ancient feud between their households. Within the well-known balcony scene in Act 2, Scene 2, both characters use a assortment of imagination, including cosmic and heavenly, that which relates to objects and scenery exterior of our planet, in the sky and existence. These picks of imagination tell us about the thoughts and positions that Shakespeare is seeking to portray about the characters every bit good as the emotions environing their relationship. Despite both Romeo and Juliet utilizing a batch of imagination in their responses to each other. Romeo tends to be the 1 that uses far more cosmic and heavenly imagination, while Juliet tends to hold more natural. Earth related imagination – botanical imagination. This in itself shows the reader the difference between the character’s sentiments of the relationship at this minute of clip every bit good as their personality. Romeo frequently choses to compare both his love and Juliet’s beauty to admirations of the universe – the celestial spheres. the Sun. stars. etc. .

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These points would’ve been. at least in Shakespeare’s clip. still non wholly understood and seen as cryptic and charming, big than life objects, full of beauty and inquiry far out of bounds from the mundane Earth life. In add-on, in contrary to what we now know, they believed that the Sun was the Centre of existence. The fact that Shakespeare choses for Romeo to utilize these types of comparings hence leads the audience to deduce that Romeo sees his and Juliet’s love as boundless, written in the stars” and meant to be. His comparings to the out of this universe objects portrays Romeo’s daring every bit good as bumptiousness and avidity when it comes to his feeling and love as he has no vacillation in voicing his definite positions in his poetic and showy linguistic communication with the imagination. On the other manus, Juliet has a far more down to Earth attack to the state of affairs and with this uses more botanical imagination. As Romeo tells her of his love, their love. she describes it to him as a …bud of love, by summer’s maturing breath. May turn out to be a beauteous flower when following we meet. ”, comparing it to a bud, a start, something with possible, something which, with love and attention and clip, will turn into something beautiful. This cardinal comparing allows us to see that despite her avidity. the imagination displayed in the text reminds the audience of her different province of head.

Her more cautious attack to the state of affairs illustrates that yes, she may be as in love as Romeo but due to her different upbringing, milieus and experiences, she is more thoughtful and due to this choses to hold less dramatic imagination in comparing to Romeo. Nevertheless. she is still merely as in love with Romeo as he is with her, she doesn’t fail to show her love to him poetically either as she tell him My premium is every bit unbounded as the sea.” This besides shows that Juliet has merely an expressive and passionate nature and the natural imagination leads one to visualize the ceaseless, fluxing sea as her love. make fulling every empty infinite. Additionally. Juliet does utilize some heavenly imagination as she moves to depict their love as Too like the lightening. Yet, this is in a really different manner from Romeo as his cosmic/celestial imagination has ever talked of the beauty and brightness of the object of which he compares her or their love to. Juliet’s imagination uses the harsh, "now you see it, now you don’t" association with buoy uping to specify her desire for their love non to be like that.

She is about smartly, utilizing Romeo’s ain forte of the cosmic and heavenly imagination to remind him that articulating his love in lovely poetic words does non intend it will be that manner. This highlights the difference in there characters and personality as, regardless of both of them being as caput over heels in love with each other. Romeo has a far more showy and beautifying manner of showing himself, whereas Juliet is still merely truly as cautious immature miss. When Romeo decides to assure his love by cursing upon the Moon, get downing Lady, by yonder blessed Moon I vow, ” Juliet is speedy to cut him off, alternatively. she argues: O swear non by the Moon. th’inconsistant Moon. Those monthly alterations in her circled eyeball”, which farther shows her contrast to Romeo as she does non see the cosmic and heavenly connexion in the same visible radiation as Romeo. The scene itself opens with Romeo, love struck after first meeting Juliet. Romeo speaks of her, refashioning It is the East, and Juliet is the Sun! Arise, just Sun. and kill the covetous Moon”. This heavenly imagination allows us to visualize, through Romeo’s eyes, Juliet as the Sun, an edifying presence that fills his darkness with light and heat.

The comparison of Juliet being the Sun in his eyes shows that Romeo feels that life wouldn’t be possible without her, as life wouldn’t be possible without the Sun, Juliet is the Centre of his universe. Furthermore, the fact that he says, …and kill the covetous Moon, ” intimations that Juliet, as the Sun, the true beginning of visible radiation, is replacing the Moon, perchance in this instance Rosaline, by this point long disregarded 2nd topographic point to his bosom. When Romeo so goes on to depict her eyes as Two of the fairest stars in all of the Eden, ” which …twinkle in their domains till they return,” it is yet another illustration of his cosmic/celestial imagination. It shows to the audience that all he can see is her beauty and does non see anything fitter to depict it so the reflecting stars in the sky. This besides relates back to where Romeo inquiries whether his manus is worthy of touching hers, every bit good as when he state she speaks yet says nil, suggesting on her inaccessibility and distance, this all besides relates back to the stars, every bit beautiful as they may be, they are still high above him, clear and close but merely out of range.


All in all, the usage of cosmic and heavenly imagination in Act 2, Scene 2 allow the audience to see in deepness both chief character’s attack to the state of affairs that they have found themselves’ in. The imagination is a clever and interesting technique which high spots to the audience the assorted personality traits in each of the characters such as Romeo’s daring and outgoingness, and Juliet’s passion every bit good as cautiousness, all shown through imagination, all through the images that we visualise in our caputs. The cosmic and heavenly imagination can be interpreted in different ways and is hence a really effectual excessively when demoing both the similarities and differences between Romeo and Juliet. Overall, it illustrates merely how large their love for each other is, or at least how large they intend for their love to be – every bit high as the skies above them, as large and long lasting as the ever-blazing Sun and every bit boundless as the extends of the existence.

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