The Objections of the GM Guide Lamp Division

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Date:  2021-03-08

The only way that one could overcome the objections of the GM Guide Lamp Division is by focusing on its benefits while marketing and advertising. The lamps have a lot of benefits which are highlighted on the document attached. They are unique in terms of its design it is more modern and streamlined making it have better overall shape. Another benefit that could help overcome the objection is the fact that the lamps reduce the risk of fire during a collision. Finally, the lamps will also contribute to the general reduction in weight of the vehicle and therefore it will reduce drag which will mean better fuel economy.

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Another approach is to reduce the risk involved with the lamps. Overcoming the objections will only be realized by the reduction of the risks or the negative factors that are associated with it. GM Guide lamp division was challenged that plastic will always be expensive as its raw material is oil while for glass its raw material is sand. However convincing of the cost of production will be the only way to overcome this objection.

Another objection they faced was as a result of its legality. The persons concerned with engineering were questioning its legality and/or they were not approved by the U.S department of transportation, NHTSA or even endorsed by the SAE. However, the governments concern was that the lamps should provide the driver consistency; replacement should widely be available and provide safe illumination. The material used on the lamps was not of a concern to the government. Using this government position on the lamps should help one overcome the objections they are facing.

Finding the right customer is also a way to overcome objections. Some clients will not appreciate the lamp but others will. With the right customer who appreciates the style and design of the lamp and also the cost of its production will accept it and therefore no objections. The lamps will definitely suit certain customers and not all. Therefore with the right customers means no objection as the product targets their need in production and sales.

What approaches would you take with other potential customers?

The main approach is to find a customer who appreciate the value the benefits of styling and design. This concerns on using the outlook of the lamps to approach the right customer, this means dealing with mainly the person concerned with the how the car looked. They have a potential influence as they concern is to make the car ore stylish, more modern and with the latest technology. Safety of the car is also their top most priority, as well as the weight of the vehicle. And all this benefits the GM Guide is able to provide and thus win them over.

Another approach is to focus on the mangers in the product planning and marketing sector. This meant to focus on the people concerned with the selling of the car. With low cost on production on the lamps meant more stylish vehicle and at a less cost. This will mean that the car will bring high profits. The vehicle will have less weight and thus less drag effect on it. A better fuel economy will be achieved from this reduction in drag. The marketers will have a reason to convince their client to purchase their car.

Using the above two approaches, both the persons concerned with how the car looked and sold, they could influence other members in the company. This means that the lamps could easily be accepted and not rejected by other members like the engineers. Therefore the GM Guide Lamp Division will be having acceptance from the company without a lot of objections.

What are the key factors likely to determine success in this application?

There are a number of factors that determined success in this application. The main key factor was after the prototypes were designed, fabricated and tested, the results were favorable this meant that it was a success. A successful test means a success of the product; this application could be used by various companies.

Another factor was that after the prototypes were tested and results were favorable, Ford validated the concept and used it in public. Ford requested GEL to manufacture, which was the first polycarbonate lamp to be used in vehicle built in the U.S. This meant that this applications were accepted and its use taken up by Ford.

This application was a success and the number of lamps produced and sold that year. This is a key factor of success as sales had been experienced that year. The total number of headlamps that were produced and sold was sixty thousand lamps.

Another key factor that shows success was the use of glass beams on the outer beam pair of the plastic lamps. It provided a way to gain production use and it proved durability of the lamp in the actual field use.

Another key factor of success was the test application that was carried on the Lincoln Town Car and it was deemed successful. This paved way for further use of the lamps. This meant that this application was accepted and therefore it is a success.

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