The Mind-Body Distinction Essay

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Date:  2022-07-03

The mind-body distinction can be considered as an issue related to the establishment of how the two interact. Whereas the body is the material aspect of the brain-neurons and their structure, the mind is simply about the mental processes, thoughts, and consciousness. The key question in psychology remains as to whether the mind is component of the body or the body is component of the mind. Many theories have attempted to explicate the association between the mind and the brain which is considered as the part of the body. One such remarkable theory is the legacy of Descartes' who developed a thesis that the mind and the body are distinct and which was then referred to as mind-body dualism.

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Descartes' maintained that the nature of the mind is quite dissimilar from that of the body and it is hence possible for one to survive without the other. According to the theory of dualism, human beings can be considered as material objects since they are composed of solids, liquids, and gases. Apart from the material objects, human beings have their minds as evidenced by their ability to form judgments and establish reasons behind their existence. Additionally, the Cartesian dualism arguably identifies two-way interaction mechanisms between the mental and physical form of human beings. The first interaction between the mind and the body happens at the pineal gland where the mind controls the body (Forstmann, Matthias, and Pascal Burgmer, p181-205). However, the body also controls the mind under a situation where an individual follows his passion as compared to following is presumed to be the right thing to do at that particular time.

The Cartesian dualism theory has its flaws. I believe that it is very impossible to separate our minds from our bodies. Everything that human beings do is a product of their brains or consciousness and for this reason; the immaterial aspects of us have huge effects and consequences on social sciences such as economics and political decisions. The mind can be identified as a process of doing things in a, particularly desirable manner. The minds also assist individuals in retaining memories and using those memories to learn previous experience and hence make better decisions in the future. The consciousness associated with our minds, experiences, and memories makes it difficult to convey who we are to others. The mind and the body can be referred to as a single complex system, and it is thus difficult to fully explicate their functioning and connectedness by simply studying the structure of the brain. The reason behind such an opinion is that damage to the brain is damage to the mind and hence damage to oneself or one's consciousness. It is thus difficult to explain the difference between a dead individual and what a person becomes after their brain damage.

In the year 2000, Bon Jovi released a new song 'it's my life.' The song is educative and reflective, as the writer reminds individuals that they have to use their brain and mind to make life decisions that make them live to their full potential. I like his piece of advice that people should not live up to everyone's expectations. Human beings are known for their desires for sweet memories and a life full of fun. However, the achievements of that kind of life depend on their state of mind that shapes their physical appearances and hence their ability to achieve such dreams.

Works cited

Forstmann, Matthias, and Pascal Burgmer. "Antecedents, Manifestations, and Consequences of Belief in Mind-Body Dualism." The Science of Lay Theories. Springer, Cham, 2017. 181-205.

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