ISTJ: Introverted Thinkers With a Keen Sense of Duty - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-02


The Myers-Briggs personality test suggested that I have an ISTJ personality type. ISTJs are known for their keen sense of right and wrong, hence earning them the nickname "inspectors." They are very devoted to duty and punctuality is a mainstay in their daily programs. ISTJ's are introverted thinkers, which means they come out as cold to other people. Expression of emotional warmth is something that ISTJs find to be very difficult. The efficiency peaks when they are using a step by step approach because they like working with facts. They are easily frustrated by other people's inconsistencies, especially when the other party does not keep their commitment. As for the Big Five personality test, the highest scores were from Factor IV and V, which stands for conscientiousness and intellect/imagination, respectively. The lowest score was from agreeableness, which stood at 2. Extroversion and Emotional stability were no better as I scored below average in both of them. An analysis of the results from the Big Five personality test shows that I am critical and aggressive based on the score of Factor III. However, based on the scores of Factor IV and V, I am careful, diligent, and unconventional.

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The results of the tests have some standard features while they seem to be conflicting in other areas of my personality. For example, the Myers-Briggs personality test suggested that I am reserved and cold towards other people;, especially strangers. The results from the Big Five personality test also suggested the same as evidenced by the low score in extroversion. Also, the Big Five personality test revealed that I am diligent and careful based on my score in conscientiousness. The Myers-Briggs test gave similar results as it suggested that I have a keen sense of right and wrong, devotion to duty, punctual and prefer working with truth and facts. At the same time, there are conflicting results from the two tests. For example, on the one hand, the Myers-Briggs test indicates that I prefer sticking to approaches that have been proven to work. On the other hand, the Big Five test suggests that I prefer using new approaches, as evidenced by my score in Factor V. A person who prefers sticking to proven techniques and approaches would most definitely have a problem with trying new approaches. So that is one area where the two test results differ.

Nevertheless, I agree with several factors, as pointed out in the two tests. According to the Myers-Briggs case, I have a keen sense of right and wrong, and I am rarely willing to compromise. In my opinion, humans are defined based on their actions and their ability to stick to the truth. I am not willing to compromise on such issues. At the same time, I am an introverted thinker, and that means I take a cautious approach when interacting with strangers. Unfortunately, such attributes come out as cold towards those that I am interacting with. I am also at my best when working using clear guidelines and instructions that have been proven to work. I have the capability of following through such steps and guidelines to ensure the people involved, including myself, get the desired outcome. I also find inconsistencies to be frustrating and despise unreliable people. As such, I prefer working with truths and facts because they are consistent and reliable. I also agree with some of the results from the Big Five test. For example, I find my extroversion attributes to be very low, hence agree with the low score of extroversion from the score. I find myself to be conscientious and therefore find Factor IV score to be accurate.

However, there are some features of the suggested results that I happen to disagree with. Based on my response to the Myers-Briggs test results, it is evident that I would disagree with the score for Factor IV in the Big Five test results. I am what people would call, "old fashioned" The whole idea of following new approaches that are untested or unproven makes me uneasy. As for the Myers-Briggs test results, I am not afraid to voice my opinion on specific issues, whether I am asked or not. I would, therefore, disagree with the suggestion that I prefer to keep my feelings to myself unless my opinion is solicited.

That means career paths that I will select for myself will have to be those that adhere to specific strict guidelines and procedures that have been proven to work. Based on these attributes, I have identified a few career paths that would be suitable for a person with my personality. Some of the probable career paths include controlling production processes. Production processes follow a step by step process that has already been proven to work. All I have to do is adhere to these guidelines and ensure the production process runs smoothly. There is also the justice department that offers careers such as lawyers, judges and even law enforcement. Law enforcement is, however, restricted to specific types because I tend to voice my opinions regardless of whether they are solicited. There is also the medical field that uses evidence-based practice. Careers in the medical field, such as nursing and surgery, would make a good fit because they use already established guidelines and processes.

However, the employment industry has a diverse range of requirements, and I will have to improve specific attributes of my personality in order for me to become efficient. The main attribute than needs to be improved is my socialization skills. That means improving my extroversion factors. I have to learn how to socialize with other people so that I can develop into a team player. I have to stop being aloof and display a friendly attitude towards new people that I meet.


Overall, the tests have proven to be a pleasant experience and provided an opportunity for me to increase the understanding I have of myself and those around me. I also know how to increase my job market viability by improving my socialization skills. It has also enabled me to identify the probable career paths that can suit me.

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