The Influence of Social Media on Society and Businesses - Assignment Example

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Social Media are technologies, which are computer-mediated that enable the sharing and creation of ideas, information and career interests through networks and virtual communities. Social media platforms have standard features, which are; the sites are all interactive, the content such as comments posts and videos are user-generated, the users create their profile on their preference, and all sites facilitate the growth of digital social networks (Al-Deen & Hendricks, 2013). Social media sites are accessed through internet-based technologies through devices such as computers, tablet laptops, laptops, and smartphones. It, therefore, enables organizations, communities, and individuals to modify, share, co-create and discuss different topics of their choice. Social media has captured a high percentage of the youths becoming their primary platform for communication and expression.

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Question 1

The different social media sites have improved communication and the manner in which people are informed. The introduction of new communication techniques such as the use of videos and increased freedom has enabled individuals to use social media wisely. There are different ways through which social media has changed the way people are informed and communication.

Social media create the need to share and a perceived sense of urgency. Facebook and Twitter platforms have created an impression that people should share about our lives and they have made it look like a necessity for the young people. Emailing, messaging and texting has enabled the saving of information thus a reference and allow communication to continue even with the absence of the receiver or sender. The different sites have made users feel prompted and have a need to share and be on the platforms.

Social media allows users to share full stories instead of just story highlights. The sharing has been made possible through Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. They enable people to share videos and complete stories, which is a means of expression for some people. To some people, this is a motivation to be on social media for exciting stories. It has also enlightened and educated many people, as some of the information shared is constructive.

Social media has enabled the easy sharing of the news. Through this platform, journalism has been made more accessible and information and communication more accessible. The news is now attractive to the millennials as they are always on the social media. They do not have time to watch or listen to the news but through Facebook, SnapChat and twitter they read the news.

Question 2

These online platforms have changed the way companies conduct their operations in different ways. They have given much power to the customer. Power is in the hands of customers as they have a broader platform to share their grievances. Therefore, businesses have been forced to ensure that customers are at the center of their business and receive quality goods and services. It has also made businesses more visible. Companies can invest in different social media platforms and increase their coverage and capability. The platform has removed geographical boundaries by allowing businesses and customers to connect from anywhere at their convenience (Schivinski & Dabrowski, 2016).

Social media has enabled quick feedback. Businesses used to use a lot of money and much time to collect feedback from prospects about new products. However, this has been made easier and faster as feedback can be compiled and people's experiences are received without someone leaving the office (Sweeney & Craig, 2011). It has enabled businesses to concentrate and direct efforts and resources towards other business processes. Social media is a free advertising and marketing tool, which has allowed businesses to advertise their products and at affordable rates. It is easy to achieve marketing targets, as it is the more natural way to reach to prospective customers.

The social media sites have been a disadvantage as it has increased competition in all industries. It has globalized business thus; businesses are competing with each other irrespective of their location. The digitalization has however made work for businesses easier, saving time and costs of running and managing activities. Social media has therefore made it easier to conduct and run a business. Marketing has been improved, and it is easier for companies to go beyond their localities and geographical boundaries.

Question 3

Social media has enabled different people in different ways. Some people cannot express themselves fluently in front of others. Through social media, this group of people has been able to express themselves, share their feeling and views on different topics. It has also allowed some people to gain confidence and go for their goals by learning essential life skills using technology. The sites have also empowered the people by providing a living. There are groups of people who earn through social media or have learned a skill that is giving them a living from the platforms.

Social media has also allowed some people to create traffic for themselves and their businesses. Politicians are using social media platforms to run their campaigns and at times enlighten the citizens. They are, therefore, in a position of rallying numbers for their support. Social media had enlightened and empowered the young people by allowing them to learn more skill and basic general life knowledge. It has also changed people's way of life, perspectives and opinions. The mostly empowered things are movie choices, music, news awareness, clothing style and purchases (Stephenson, 2011). It has therefore influenced people to do things differently and induced the behavior of copying from what people see trending on social media platforms. A higher percentage of the teenage have derived their, fashion, taste and preferences from these sites.

Question 4

Social media has evolved fast with multiple changes and improvements. With the constant evolution of technology, the platform is expected to experience higher changes to become more sophisticated and have higher capabilities. With the rapid onset of MIS and IT, social media could be incorporated to be one of the data management applications that individuals and organizations can utilize. Enterprises might also develop programs that can allow them to manage their employees and business operations through social media. The possibility is because it is easier and cheaper to use social media compared to other software and the majority of the millennial generation are fond of these platforms. Higher security levels will be employed for these platforms as they will be more vulnerable and subject to a security breach.


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