Movie Analysis Essay on Jiro Dreams of Sushi

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Date:  2023-02-27


Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a movie that pertains to project management. Jiro's perfection in making Sushi is exceptional, and his restaurant is excellently managed (Poochie, 2012). The restaurant is small but perfect both in the physical appearance as well as the delicacy served, which is Sushi. The restaurant is located in Tokyo in the basement and has only ten seats at the counter. The restaurant is unique in making this seafood and has been awarded three stars. Jiro is passionate about making Sushi and always works to improve the delicacy. The movie pertains to project management because the owner manages the resources that are needed in preparing Sushi.

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One of the project management chapters that is prevalent in the film is managing the project team. This is because Jiro ensures that the team in the restaurant prepares Sushi properly, and those in apprenticeships are observed and taught the basics before they proceed to the preparation of Sushi (Poochie, 2012). In any project, the manager should be hands-on and passionate about their work. It is also essential to manage time as well as cost.

Through the film, I learned that in project management, it is important to surround yourself with other experts. Teamwork is essential as one cannot be an expert in all fields. There is nothing wrong with being an apprentice, as every expert was one an apprentice. Jiro was a Sushi expert, but he and his sons went to the fish market every morning to buy the raw materials. Jiro worked was an expert in Sushi, but he worked with other experts dealing with octopus, tuna, and squid (Poochie, 2012). Sushi had faith that these experts who help him become the best in making Sushi. In any project, it is not possible to work alone. As a project manager, you have to believe in others and work with them to achieve the company's objectives.

In project management, it is important to be organized and ensure that are documents and working space are well-taken care of (Meredith, Mantel Jr, & Shafer, 2017). Jiro's kitchen is clean and very organized, which is one of the reasons why his restaurant is successful. Also, I have learned that creativity is the key to making a project successful. Jiro's restaurant has only ten seats so that the chefs can focus on the clients. This implies that it is better to have a small project that you can easily handle, thereby satisfying customer needs. Cleanliness promotes success hence the reason why a project manager should ensure that their documents are in order. This prevents delays in the implementation of the project.

Communication is key, and a project manager is required to keenly observe the employees and communicate on how to improve the areas that you feel are not done according to your preference (Meredith, Mantel Jr, & Shafer, 2017). Jiro agonizes on the placement of the mats on the customer's counter. In this restaurant, the manager pays attention to the customer seating in regards to their relationship. For any project to succeed, the manager should incorporate teamwork and be passionate about their work.

What should a project manager do to ensure that clients are satisfied? This is one of the questions that are critical in understanding project management. In any project, the customers are key; hence, the reason why project managers should know the needs of the customers and strategize on how to fulfill them effectively.


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