Essay on Consumer Behaviour: Understanding Shopping Habits and Decision Making

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Date:  2023-01-29

According to SAGE Open "Consumer Behavior Research: A Synthesis of the Recent Literature," consumer Behavior investigated the consumers shopping habits in formulating ideas on whether to keep a particular strategy, product range and concepts on the companies needs towards its customers (SAGE, 2016). The author believes that consumer behaviors are always unable to predict and continually changing. In the effort to gain knowledge on how the group or an individual behaves on making their decision towards the use of their income to purchase products and services. The author focuses on the various factors affecting the customer after and before purchase (Schiffiman and Kanuk, 1997). A good example may include price, product appearance, advertising, and packing Peter & Olson, 2005).

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The importance of this particular approach is essential for the company success, in gaining a good knowledge of their customer's behaviors (Solomon et al., 2006). The behavior of the customer or the physical action and their purchasing techniques are viewed in terms of marketers (Papanastassiu and Rouhani, 2006). Many companies are spending most of their income in identifying how customers arrive at their purchasing techniques. Many companies search to know what their customers buy, where the buy, when they buy, and how much they buy (Kotler, Amstrong, 2001). To obtain substantial outcomes from their research, the companies investigated these behaviors according to various angles. The criterion was based on looking for better quality and product quality, reduced price structured (Papanastassiu and Rouhani, 2006).

Several theories, as well as researches, have argued that when company attains all its customer needs and expectations in full, there is an equal profit realization (Chaudhuri, 2006), this also gives them the ability to tackle their customer's strategies in full (Asseal, 1998). The most devastating idea in marketing deals related to gaining knowledge on how buyers end up doing what they wish and what methodologies or philosophical criterion used to evaluate their products after every transaction has been made and the possible future effects related to them (Schiffman, 2004). The main reasons why most marketer select to learn about the consumers " buying behavior is, from a business perspective; to be able to be more effectively reach consumers and increase the chances for success" (Sargeant & West, 2001). This suggests that the consumer path needs to take another deviation in the world of commerce and result in their importance in the realization of the company's goal (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2007).

In the most recent period, various researches and authors have defined consumer behavior and meaning in their way. According to Michael R. Solomon (2001), consumer behaviors usually analyze the multiple processes involved in choosing individuals to purchase or fail to buy certain services, products, or the experience on satisfying their desires and needs. To add on, the views of Kotler (1996) argue that consumer behaviors have diverse effects on any organization marketing decision making process every year (SAGE, 2016). There exists a risk that what any consumer does will imply the purchasing behavior of such individual, and there are related outcomes (Snoj, Pisnik Koda & Mumel, 2004). The purchaser and the user can be different individuals; in other cases, another individual may be influencing provision for the recommendation for a particular product or against specific service without necessary

Ly had to purchase or use them (Solomon, 1999; Solomon et al. 1999). In such cases, most substantial consumer electronics retailers tend to accumulate extra information about their customer's motivation as one of the factors influencing the buying behaviors Solomon & Stuart (2000). To venture deeper in understanding consumer reaction ideas, will help us understand the role it plays in our lives and the business trend profit to several organizations which give researchers room for to gain proper analysis in determining product position in developing feedback and target strategy in order to attain the market expectations (Holskins J, 2002). Consumer behaviors tend to involve;

Complex buying behavior - in this particular technique of purchasing, it has significant involvement of the consumers during buying decisions. In this specific methodology, the consumer is reprimanded for being involved within the processes. In cases where the consumers are highly engaged, they tend to differentiate the unique features among the top competing pro9ducts and services brands (Kotler, Wong, Saunders, Armstrong, 2005). In this particular scenario, it is essential for Dixon's consumers to be highly involved, and engage in extensive research on the product category and come up with the best buying decision technique on the company own manufacturing products. In cases where new technology has been invented, the cost of electronics and other related products tends to rise. Hence, the buyers put into consideration factors like these.

Dissonance reducing buying behavior - in this particular form of purchase, is characterized by high user involvement, in dimensions as infrequent purchase and high cost, the consumer, assumes a reducing dissonancy behavior. It was tough for customers to distinguish between various brands provided by this buying form (Kotler, Wong, Saunders, Armstrong, 2005). In giving a distinction between products as Dixons electronics and PCWorld, there arises a challenge for these customers. Hence they undergo dissonance.


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