The Human Resource Department Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-06

Question 1

Balancing work and life priorities

In terms of balancing work, Maclachlan is organized and stable since she requires a job description to recognize what her roles and responsibilities are before engaging in a particular job. This is evident when she received a customer care team lead job a few weeks later after receiving a project manager position offer. The leadership in HSS is not unstable in balancing the job performed by various employees. For instance, when Chow is asked by MacLachlan about her performance, he responds directly he to follow the laid procedures. However, when a serious problem arose from the system, he sends an email to MacLachlan demanding some immediate attention to the problem, something which could be avoided if he evaluated her performance hence showing his instability in balancing the work. Conversely, the employees at HSS are stable with their work since they do the same tasks repeatedly without complaining.

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In terms of life priorities, MacLanchlani prioritizes her work first compared to other things. This is evident when she received a project manager position offer over the telephone where she accepted immediately despite being given a few weeks of consideration period. The leadership at HSS prioritizes their individual significances than their work matters. For instance, Chow was always on phone call and typing leaving no time for work inquiries from MacLachlan. Others employing prioritized their work as allocated by their managers and leaders.

Solving problems in the workplace

MacLachlan relied greatly on teamwork a skill she acquired during her HBA program; she used face-to-face communication since he approached Chow and Worthington in an effort to resolve various issues. She also had a desire to co-operative and collaboration when she discovered the data entry system had some challenges did not arise from her work. The leadership at HSS does not embrace face-to-face interactions, collaboration, teamwork, and cooperative communication because it uses email and telephones to communicate and individual efforts in solving problems. For instance, Worthington was agitated through the phone call while talking to MacLanchlani when he discovered that she was absent from her office. Employees, on the other hand, embrace both face-to-face, email, and phone communication with other employees and their leaders, They additionally participate in individual tasks and do not embrace collaboration and cooperation in solving various issues in the workplace such that experienced in data entry system, they left the issue to befall entry on MacLanchlani and their managers.

Valuing initiative and creativity in resolving work difficulties

Maclanclani values initiative and creativity in resolving work challenges. For instance, she believed that the established procedure for checking the data figures entered in the system was wasting time and redundant since it had an ability to perform the checking automatically. On the other hand, both the HSS leadership and employees did not value initiative and creativity since they stressed double-checking of figures entered in the data entry system instead of developing an automatic system to perform this role to reduce time wasted while doing this manually.

Question 2

Proactivity and power of HR department in HSS

The human resource department is not both proactive and powerful force in HSS. This is due to its inability to provide clear job descriptions and job analysis to help the whole recruitment and selection process in HSS. If HSS had proactive HR department, Allan Densmore, Marcus Nardi, and Derek Chow all who interviewed MacLachlan could have had a better comprehension of what was anticipated for her in the project manager's position and determine if the same skills and knowledge she demonstrated matched the new post of Customer Care Team Lead that Densmore informed her. This could have facilitated them in hiring MacLachlan who was inexperienced in such a post.

The HR department is not proactive because there are not job evaluation tools in HSS to assess the performance of various employees. This makes it hard for managers to give feedback to staffs on the manner they are performing their tasks. For instance, due to the absence of job evaluation tools, Chow evaluated MacLachlan centered on his individual likes and dislikes instead of laid performance criteria. This is evident when some employees inform MacLachlan that Chow is not happy with her performance something that he was required to follow the criteria and inform her about her performance through a report.

Question Three

It was not clear to either Mr. Chow or Ms. Worthington about the main job of MacLachlan. This is because Chow gives MacLachlan some data entry tasks while Worthington required her assistance as a team leader in performing some presentation during the seminar with the board of directors.

Both Chow and Worthington did not appear to coordinate their mutual management because Worthington was required to act as her immediate manager and at the same time Chow gave MacLachlan some outstanding projects. This was not MacLachlan responsibility to determine who to work for because he was new to HSS and furthermore she did not know her actual job hence this was entirely Chow and Worthington decision.

Question Four

The human resource department should provide a clear job description and responsibilities of MacLachlan occupation while specifying who her supervisor. This would help MacLachlan in recognizing all her responsibilities to ensure she is always available to work Worthington. This would additionally avoid incidences where her supervisor is agitated with her and ultimately improving their relationship.

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