The Great Awakening Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

The great awakening happened in the middle of the eighteenth century when the United States of America was in an eruption of rivals that affected the society and the people at large. The religious revivals had a significant impact on the lives of the people and changing their cultural activities. The associate Historian Thomas Kidd uses excellent examples to show the way the Christianity was during that colonial undertakings. Thomas Kidd started the awakening strategy to help people know about Christianity and the need for an individual to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The evangelical improvement by the great awakening assisted many individuals to have their ways well established and acquire salvation. The movement also made the people know how the Holy Spirit works in an individual. The great awakening helped people to gain knowledge about different statutes of Christianity and the obligations of a Christian through the evangelical revivals.

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The awakening movement worked to teach the society on spiritual equality. During this period the United States religious leaders from different religions regarded themselves as more superior than other leaders of other faiths. The movement enabled people to know that all people have equal rights as Christians regardless of their title and the religion. The great awakening movement initiated radical changes in the peoples view about the religion. The revivals made people know more about their faith as Christians. (Hindmarsh, 100). The revitalizations helped to create a new society and a new form of government which would enable to change the known character of the United States of America. In the awakening movement Thomas Kidd separates the points of those individuals who were not serious in supporting the campaign from those who were serious, this enabled him to know who was on his side and those who were against him in the movement. Thomas Kidd defines the protests of those who sincerely supported the revivals and the broad democratic effects of the campaign. In the move, Kidd faced a lot of struggles as some people in the United States of America opposed the move and worked very hard to ensure that the campaign was not adequate. Despite the opposition from some leaders and the people in the society he was given support by some Protestants leaders who had the same vision of liberating the Christianity as he had. Also, the colonial government supported the movement by offering security and funds to enhance the revivals taking place. (Schilling, 318)

Despite the church separation from the United States of America, the religion played an essential role in changing the nation's politics from the ages of the colonial era to the current day today. The great awakening movement enabled to bring and bide together different religious voices to a precious introduction of a new age of the religion. The move was able to change the nation's politics and the public living ways of the people. During that period when there were battles over the religious attitudes and the great spiritual violence Thomas Kidd suggests that the only way would bring the essential change was by the revivals, which are also known as the great awakening. The movement inspires the curiosity and patience and helps to renovate the value of Christianity faith among many people in the society. The revivals played a significant role in the American culture associated with abominable activities.The people's changed their view towards some cultural events which did not add any value to their lives. As a result of the movement, people changed the way of living to associate themselves well with the Christian living. Other than cultural changes the campaign also brought political changes where the leaders turned their cruel style of leadership, and even the political system evolved into a democratic form. The great awakening movement was essential to stop the many catastrophes that the United States of America was undergoing in that period. The movement expressed the values of the people of the United States of America and helped to guide the America history during that period. Thomas Kidd radically emphasized on the movement and its essential focus on the change of the Christian state. The move formed the roots of the evangelical Christianity in colonial America. (Bohlman, 74)


In conclusion, the revivals, also known as the great awakening movement has played an essential role in creating the evangelical movement, the campaign emphasized much on the individual experiences of being born again and how the holy spirit manifests himself in an individual in the revivals. The revivals helped to sort the popular styles that would come to characterize the American republic and assist in preserving the history of the United States countries. The movement is essential in bringing cultural changes in the nation and imparting new methods of doing things. The great awakening, indeed the great revivals also enhanced unity and harmony among the American theologians.

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