The Current Rhetorical Ecology About Migration in the Houston Essay

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Date:  2022-06-19

The City of Houston is the fourth largest in the United States. The region's population consists of refugees who are beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Obama leadership in 2012 developed the program. DACA allows minors who illegally entered the country to enjoy two years of deferred action against deportation and work admissibility permit. It is worthy to note that approximately 800, 000 have enrolled for the program. The DACA recipients contribute to regional and economic growth. Therefore, Trump's plans to abolish the scheme will result in local and national economic challenges. The paper discusses the current rhetorical ecology through community text analysis and discourses. Additionally, the article explains the effect the texts on shared values.

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Rhetoric relations do not occur in isolation and independent creation, and they are closely correlated and dependent on each other. According to Moreno-Lozano, the abolishment of DACA will result in a displacement of over 800, 000 people. Therefore, reducing the productive population in the city significantly. Villegas adds that the idea will lead to human and economic costs and will have a considerable effect on Texas' economy as it harbors half of the dreamers' population. The author claims that the policy results in economic costs. The prompt deportation of the immigrants will lead to a considerable loss in production capacity. According to Villegas, Cato Institute projects the contribution of the participants at $280 billion for the next ten years (n.p). Moreno-Lozano supports the claim indicating that termination of the work permit will cause a loss of approximately $ 2 billion yearly economic value in Houston and over $ 6 billion nationally consequently hindering economic growth (n.p).

Equally important, the current rhetoric ecology is based on the region's competitiveness decrease due to unavailability of the labor force. On that note, Houston lost its bid to have Amazon invest in the area after the announcement of the plans to rescind the program. There are becomes an unconducive business environment due to a decrease in the population. The decline will affect labor supply; therefore, affecting business operations. Referring to Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, DACA recipients engage in employment and labor force activities (3). The members' workforce participation rate is higher than the national population participation's in the country. For instance, the males' involvement rate is 83% which is higher than 79% overall national count. The author disagrees with the defense for the withdrawal. Trump's government states that the beneficiaries of the initiative hinder employment opportunities for the Americans. Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce argues that the argument is baseless since the skilled participants act as an economic engine that generates more employment opportunities. Moreover, Moreno-Lozano states that studies indicate that 72% of the 25 Fortune 500 firms hire DACA beneficiaries (n.p). The firms constitute international enterprises like General Motors, Wall-Mart, Apple and many more. It is worthy to note that the companies contribution to over $ 2.8 trillion annual revenue. Therefore, the attempts to withdraw the program will decrease the revenue contribution because the DACA participants form a critical part of the labor force in these corporations.

Additionally, the businesses will withdraw investment from the region as DACAs withdrawal will lead to a decrease in purchasing power. Population decrease will reduce the number of potential consumers. Therefore, businesses incur losses as a result of diminishing sales revenue. Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce claims that the purchasing power of the DACA population is expected to increase considerable (4). However, abolishment of the initiative results in a drastic decrease in the population's purchasing power. The move leaves the immigrants unemployed; thus, without a source of income, their ability to buy products diminishes considerably. Consequently, the program should not be terminated as it has significant benefits compared to the risks it poses on the same. Notwithstanding, abolishment of the initiative will hinder education attainment. DACA qualification requires individuals to achieve set education standards. Thus, contributing to an increase in the country's literacy levels. The necessary education requirements motivate individuals to seek higher education. Therefore, the withdrawal of the initiative helps to a general decrease in the literacy levels in the U.S. The author claims that Trump's administration has not valid reasons to abolish the program. Consequently, the government should support the initiative. Additionally, the immigrants are law-abiding and do not pose security threats to the country.

The community texts build the community values in the region. The authors are against the idea of denying the refugees' work permit and deporting them. The documents indicate that there are more reasons to allow the immigrants to remain in the country than the rights to evict them. Thus, emphasis on equality. Additionally, the articles construct the social value of justice. The authors insist that DACA gives the immigrants equal rights and opportunities. Therefore, educating on the importance of treating individuals equally in the society. The writings emphasis on the benefits of fair play in the organization. The texts also build unity in the community by indicating that immigrants work in ensuring economic prosperity of the nation. Therefore, Americans should accept and work with the immigrants collaboratively as they serve similar interests. It is also important to note that the authors are against racial discrimination. They argue that the immigrants should be allowed to live in the country regardless of their race as long as they meet the standard requirements to enroll for DACA. Moreover, the texts emphasize on peaceful co-existence in the society. The documents also contribute to enhanced international relations because the immigrants originate from different countries.


Conclusively, Trump's administration should reconsider its decision to withdraw DACA as it has economic benefits for the country. The DACA participants contribute to economic growth of the nation through the provision of the labor force and act as an important market for goods and services. It is essential to note that abolishment of the program results in human and economic costs. The nation will incur a considerable loss regarding economic activity. The deportation process will also cost the country some resources. Additionally, withdrawal of the initiative leads to regional economic downfall. Houston will experience a low level of investments due to the decreased population. Moreover, the authors' arguments contribute to the construction of community values. Essential lessons on national unity, equality and justice can be drawn from the text. It is recommendable for the current government to support DACA as it a necessary tool for regional and national economic growth. Additionally, the country will maintain good international relations due to its contribution to the improvement of the welfare of non-American individuals.

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