The African American Revolution Era Essay Example

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African Americans played an important role in America's struggle for independence. Most of the African-Americans involved in the war fought on the patriot side. The blacks initially fought with freedom as their strongest motive. Others including the American who joined the war had different motives such as a belief in the goals and just a desire to involve in the rebellion adventure. By the year 1770, a fifth of the of the thirteen colonies population was of the American ancestry. The black soldiers such as Oliver Cromwell, Austin Dabney, and Caesar Tarrant participated actively in the patriotic war while others such as Col Tye fought as bravely on the British side. The push for freedom and the fight for patriotism turned out as a strong message across the regions of slavery. By the time of the revolution, most African Americans had already served as militant in the wars to defend their villages from attacks. By 1960's most of the colonies now started to fight against the British Tyranny. However, most African-Americans believed that that was a contradiction that the fight the Americans were fighting was not for liberty but to own the slaves. The blacks' involvement in the fight for the American independence was not convinced since the U.S still denied them the freedom which was among their agenda as they fought for the country. The Revolutionary war involved both Americans and actively African-Americans to gain liberty and freedom for independence.

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A review of the sources used

Lecheister 2013, talks about in the podcasts the role of Africa-Americans in the revolutionary war. It informs on the effects that the black revolutionaries had in the war for freedom and patriotism. Very little is talked about the real soldiers who were sailors in the military battle. The war that was fought by the first revolutionaries in the fight for the liberty of the U.s was very important even though most of the freedom fighters' participation are forgotten. The podcast talks about some famous heroes in the revolutionary war.

Kelly, 2018 in his article talks about the American revolution which began in 1775. The article enlightens that the revolutionary war started as an open clash between the thirteen colonies of the united states and Great Britain. The conflict did not only use war but also significantly shaped the foundations of the U.S. The articles explore the mindsets, and the push of the people wo participate in the war. The 18th century was referred as the enlightenment period as this was the time when most leaders started to explore the politics in the government, the role that was played by the church and some important ethical questions.

Hine et al. 2011 describe a moving story of the African-American survival, struggle, and adversity in the revolutionary war. The book shows the significant role that was played by the blacks in the fight for independence. The history of the African-American is largely connected in the America history of the ancient era. The African-American quest for freedom before and after the colonial period. The black adopted to ways to counter oppression, racism, and denial

Major Factors in Revolution

The revolutionary war was caused by a series of events which began as the difference over the way that the British colonies and the idea that the colonies demanded to be treated. At the time of the revolution for America, the population of North Carolina was made up of blacks. Most of them lived in the countryside working in plantations. The division of whites as a result of conflict between the colonies and England divided most blacks depending on the side that they had decided to take (Kelly). The African-Americans fought for both disputing sides. They fought for the side that they believed would help them throw off the chains of slavery. Most of the backs fought with an aim to get freedom from slavery. The blacks participated actively in the wars because most of them had been promised freedom from slavery as a reward by the sides that they fought for. In 1775, the revolutionaries became worried about using blacks in the arise. They feared that these slaves in the armies would one day rise against them. Among the soldiers recruited as army sailors were Austin Dabney, Oliver Cromwell, Caesar Tarrant and Joseph Ranger (Leichter).

The main causes however that pushed for the revolution were the French and Indian war fought over conflicts in territories, the Stamp Act which required for the tax to be paid by the colonists to the British task collectors, the Townshend act of 1767 and the Boston massacre. It did not end there; however, the war loomed and the first and second continental congress was formed and finally galvanization of the Americans to support the revolution (Kelly). The fate of the black loyalties was that after the war, many blacks who found themselves in London faced discrimination and racism (Kelly). However, London chose to relocate the blacks on their wish to Freetown in Sierra Leon, West Africa. All blacks whether free or still in slavery were banned from the military. Some of the blacks that fought in the revolutionary war gained their freedom from slavery while others did not and continued to be subjects of the Americans (Hine et al., 163). Some of the sons and daughters of the reoluiti0naries, however, chose to keep the fight for freedom.

The matter of race rose during and after the revolutionary war. During the war, the U.S recruited the slaves as militants to fight in the war. The blacks fought with an aim to achieve freedom and for the liberation of the nation. However, after the war, the blacks were excluded from the military (Leichter). Some states barred the blacks from settling. Racism again rose after the revolutionary war as most blacks were not allowed to vote or testify in cases that involved the whites. The African-Americans were still enslaved despite their struggle for independence. After the war, industrialization which led to the development of the cotton industry led to the demand of laborer in the cotton firms. This led to a new slave business (Price, 201). The blacks were made to work large cotton plantations. However, black citizenship was guaranteed after the enactment of the civil right Act in 1866. The role of the church was also established as many religions started condemning the slave trade as an inhuman act. The emerged the issue of class also after the revolutionary era. Many white who acquired education formed a class of the elites. The owners of companies and industries who acquired wealth also were among the high economy class. The end of the revolution brought about the issue of race, gender involvement, and class.


In conclusion, the revolutionary war was fought by many Americans and African-American with an aim to gain freedom and liberation of the country. The war would later lead to independence which, however, did not mean total freedom for all. The was fought with people and parties who had different motives. Many blacks fought on the patriot side as some white joined for exploration. After the revolution era, the Americans were furnished with a chance of expression to their political ideas. Freedom from the British gave Americans an opportunity for social order. Many African-American patriots, however, were left in their state of enslavement as the country acquired is victory freedom and liberty. New constitutions were formed after the revolutionary era that led to an organized government.

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