TechStars Startup Weekend: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Paper Example

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I attended the TechStars Startup Weekend even at 6:00 pm of 2nd November 2018, to Sunday 4th November at 4:00 pm. They also operate for 54 hours, with the aim of providing superior experiential education to non-technical and technical entrepreneurs. On Friday night when the event begins, there is pitching, development of a business plan, brainstorming and creation of the basic prototype. On Sunday night, the event ends with presentations and demonstrations. During the event, participants create working startups which enables them to form collaborations with people who share the same mind, or different ideas outside their routine networks. Each team receives valuable information from local entrepreneurs and hears talks from industry leaders. The weekend is revolved on innovation, action, and education. The co-founder has a team that helps everyone looking for ideas or feedback, to gain specific sets of skills and executes them. TechStars Startup Weekends are the best in testing a person's thoughts and helping them launch the first steps towards starting their startup.

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I chose this event because it focuses on providing incredible learning opportunities, with the intention of helping entrepreneurs meet amazing people that can help a person to start their own company, build relationships and learn from other peers. It is a forum for having fun, building, and sharing. All ideas I gained were general ideas meant to give me experience and were useful for the community. As a startup community member, one agrees to be included in each member's view. You decide to be respectful, to act professionally, to treat everyone with respect and to handle the facilities with utmost care. Everyone agrees to be responsible for any damages they cause. No should hold anyone accountable for their lost items, injury, damage, or any unforeseeable accident.

Why brainstorming, collaboration and creating daily networks is important for innovation and entrepreneurship

Brainstorming is a vital element in the success of a business. Ideation is a high commodity in the business generation. Brainstorming is associated with market campaigns and creation of new product ideas (Suciu, p151). It can also be used for doing tasks that include; company structures, written articles, and internal procedures depending on the type of business and approach it takes on collaborations. Brainstorming enables a business person to; build team relationships, collect viewpoints, and encourage thoughts by helping a person think critically about future goals and current issues.

Collaboration is one of the critical elements of the mindset of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are always open to the views and opinions of others and gaining and sharing more information (Le Meunier-FitzHugh, p109). Most successful business people cite collaborating as a critical point in the success of their businesses. Nearly all courses and programs include team-based projects when teaching students on entrepreneurship.

Creating daily networks is the creation of entrepreneurial associations with the aim of promoting the efficiency of members in their daily entrepreneurial activities. These networks extend from being informal mutual support arrangements to being international and national membership organizations, based on substantial membership fees, formal rules, and employment of professional staffs. The phases of these include business owners meeting up for talks on problems, opportunities, trade experiences and woes (Foley,p276). The members of these organizations share some things in common, either they are; in business, have been in business, want to start a business, or want to star a healthy industrial environment. By being a member of a peer network, an entrepreneur learns a lot from others who face the same problems. These types of systems also provide business owners with a chance of getting new network providers and prevent isolations that come with starting a company.

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