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I am currently a health and safety trainer delivering training to a broad range of individuals. I am planning to offer training on health and safety measures in the workplace. The training will focus on safety standard and measures at the workplace with a broad range of subjects covered aligned to theories and principles of the subject matter. Safety principles and objects majorly aim at improving health and safety standards at the workplace with the aim of reducing illnesses and injuries to duty holders. Rogers (2007) maintain that health and safety principles and theories focus on allowing duty holders at the workplace to determine how they comply with the various legislations guiding health and safety. In my teaching role, I plan to expand further and highlight the outstanding principles and theories guiding occupational health and safety.

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Beyond the teaching role, I am a safety and health advocate. I am at the forefront of promoting health and safety procedures, measures, and guidelines. I have the responsibility of setting a good example to those I train on health and safety principles. As one within my own working environment, I have the duty to take a proactive approach to safety outside the learning environment with the aim of setting a good example to the society and my learners too.

Roles and Responsibilities

My wider role beyond the teaching environment aims at putting me at the center of safety and health measures with the primary purpose of remaining relevant to the wider objectives of my teaching objectives. According to Petty (2004) health and safety are not only confined to a given discipline. Thus, its relationship with other subjects is founded on the broader principles of the various outlined Acts of Occupational Health and Safety.

Preparation for Learners

Our leaners are in the process of acquiring the best safety and health practices within their various workplaces in addition to understanding the various Acts of the same. Thus, it does mean that they will stand out as significant representatives to the campaign calls to maintain and uphold health and safety standards. The wider roles are aimed at putting the learner at the practical position of health and safety, giving them hands-on training on their various roles at their places of work (Gravells 2011).

Equality and Diversity of Learners

To promote equality and diversity of the learners, I treat all of them fairly, ensuring that all of them have equal opportunities during the learning process. For example, I involve all the learners in the practical's I undertake to help them develop their full potential. At the same time, I endeavor to equip all my learners with the required and necessary abilities to challenge any existing discrimination and inequality during the training exercise.

Inclusive Teaching

Petty (2004) argues that inclusive teaching entails the practices and measures that promote and support accessible and meaningful learning for all learners. For example, according to the Pygmalion effect, when the teacher expects certain conducts from the learners, the learners are more than often to conduct themselves in the behavior that aligns with the teacher's expectation. According to Gravells (2011) Pygmalion is one of the principles of effective learning and teaching. Inclusive learning is an important aspect of the teaching and learning environment as it helps foster a culture of belonging and respect. At the same time, it offers the learners and teacher the opportunity to accept and learn on the various individual differences that they may have while in the process of knowledge acquisition. At the same time, it's an ethical and social responsibility that helps foster a positive effect on the promotion and unity pact within the community between the students and staff.

Inclusion within the Teaching and Learning Environment

It no doubt that the teaching and learning procedure is a social act and as such requires the best strategies towards accomplishing its objectives (Rogers 2007). To create an inclusive learning environment it is important to implement practical strategies. Besides the common ILP-integrated learning plans, an instructor needs to practice an inclusive classroom behavior, healthy grading and building a positive relationship. Under healthy grading, it is important for an instructor to provide learners with the best prospects for reiteration that align with the assignments, quizzes, and tests given.

Learners Individual Needs

There are various strategies for identifying and managing the individual needs of learners (Petty 2004). Some of the areas of development and learning that can be identified can be undertaken by way of observing an individual, discussion with the individual, career planning, self-evaluation, development sessions, and classroom skills assessment. Gravells (2011) points out that Identification and management of individual needs of learners are critical as it helps in achieving quality, creating interest among the learners, organizing the learning environment, and developing talents. The teacher also finds it motivating to devote his or her energy in supporting and encouraging the learner beyond the classroom setting. According to learning theory, learners process, absorb and retain knowledge differently and thus it is important to use and apply various teaching strategies that include identifying and managing learner needs (Rogers 2007).

Opportunities for Learners

Petty (2004) posit that providing learners with opportunities to develop their functional and wider skills within a lesson is important as it helps in fostering a positive learning environment in addition to tapping in a learner's unique abilities and skills. According to constructivist learning theory, learners construct their knowledge based on individual experiences and with a positive learning environment; they are best placed to tap into their functional and wider skills beyond the classroom. Rogers (2007) theorize that providing learners with opportunities to develop their functional and wider skills further helps learner's process knowledge better thus improving on their knowledge retention and understanding.

The Professionals and Agencies

Referring to other professionals is aimed at improving one's teaching skills and strategies. It can be undertaken at any one given time within ones teaching profession and especially when one needs to sharpen and augment their teaching skills and abilities. At the same time, a teacher may have the interest to engage a professional in case of a challenge during a given teaching exercise or when handling a difficult student. A professional's guidance may also be required in case a teacher is finding it difficult to fit within a given teaching environment comfortably.

"Other Professionals"

Some of the notable professionals worth consulting on education matters of learners include psychologists, education experts such as an education officer, education policymakers, and education institution heads. As an education stakeholder, I have a lot in common with the professionals as the experts helping in creating and putting in place the necessary structures for learning. My relationship is majorly anchored in furthering and putting in practice the education policies, measures, and theories that guide and promote healthy knowledge dispensation.

Maintaining a Safe & Supportive Learning Environment

I use several strategies for creating a safe and supportive learning environment. The most important strategy is building a strong classroom community that provides students with the prospects to have a share of their cultures and backgrounds. Another important strategy I use is building self-efficacy and self-esteem among the students. This I undertake by way of accepting the differences among the students as they are, memorize their names, and believe in their abilities. I am also patient and directly indulge in their activities to help them take their responsibilities seriously. Another important strategy I utilize is the use of verbal and non-verbal communication styles that include the use of direct eye contact, use of humor, and good body posture and gestures. I also motivate the students by involving in their work, using various teaching methods, and maintaining an enthusiastic attitude towards my role as a teacher and in the student's affairs.

Promoting appropriate Behavior

According to Petty (2004) the learning environment requires the best behavior from among all the stakeholders. The first and most important thing is to ensure that I have the best behavior and respect for all including the students. I try to encourage the students to adopt and practice appropriate behaviors that are in line with the codes of conduct of students. I also have in place measures that I use to promote good behavior that includes giving rewards for good behavior in addition to appreciating and recognizing the best-behaved learner in the classroom.

The above strategies are important to me as they help me create a positive and lasting relationship with the students. At the same time, they help me put more emphasis on practicing the best teacher-student relationship in the classroom.

Shared Values

Establishing shared values help learners develop and grow in their respective learning environments. At the same time, establishing shared values within a group helps in creating and developing the future and life one wants in addition to building internal consistency and cohesion within the group. Gravells (2011) posit that shared values within a group are important for a strategic alliance, productivity, and teamwork. One of the most important concepts that enable learners to determine shared values are the objectives and goals of the group. Learners focus on their common goals that are critical and form a common learning ideology. In doing so, they are able to identify the shared values they can focus on thus establishing a common framework of learning.

Key Legislations

According to Rogers (2007) legislations within the education sector are aimed at streamlining education policies, practices, and student/teacher indulgence in knowledge impartation. Some of the key legislation that directly affects my role include Every Child Matters (2003), Healthy School Status, Youth Matters (2005), The Education and Inspection Act (2006), the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Human Rights Act (1998). These legislations have remained a guideline for me in my duties and responsibilities in pushing and practicing the best education practices and policies (Petty 2004). For example, the Human Rights Act (1998) has enabled me to respect my learner's family and private life in addition to upholding the best values and practices that foster healthy education practices.

Codes of Practice

Every teacher is expected to adhere to and uphold the guidelines and measures aimed at promoting health and safety practices within his or her work (Petty 2004). Over the years in my teaching practice, I have endeavored to pay great attention to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. My subject is majorly focused on safety and health. Other codes include special education needs and disability act (2001) and the Human rights Act 1998. These have remained important guidelines in my career and workplace and have played a major role in shaping my teaching practices and strategies.

The significance of Legislations and Codes

Petty (2004) maintain that the code of and legislation play a critical role in protecting the rights and privileges of students. The legislation and codes are no doubt aimed at establishing a professional relationship with the learners in addition to protecting learner's safety and well-being. At the same time, they help in creating a dis...

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