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Date:  2022-03-29

Systems theory relates to the study of how different disciplines within the society operate. For the most part, systems are not stand-alone. They have some level of dependency that ensures they can work out in the most efficient sense. A system can either be man-made or natural. Either temporal or spatial boundary demarcates a system. There are three types of systems. These are; micro-system, mezzo-system, and macro-system. Micro-system relates to an individual and his or her immediate environment. A mezzo-system appertains to a generalized system that alludes to the interactional processes that may exist between various micro-systems (Azusa Pacific University 2). A macro-system relates to a broad level in the environment of a person which has a chance to affect him indirectly. The paper uses a systems theory concepts to yield some understanding of the recent set of election results.

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One of the systems theory concepts drawn from the US presidential elections of 2016 is that all organizations have social interactions (Azusa Pacific University 11). For the most part, before the US elections, the campaign teams of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were focused on having close relationships with important groups. For instance, the campaign team of Donald Trump met with the National Rifles Association (NRA) in a bid to assure them that his government would not enforce stricter rules on gun ownership (The Guardian np). The meeting would be important towards ensuring that they would bear the ability to continue owning guns. Such a promise could have contributed much to his win, owing to the huge support that President Trump got from the NRA.

Another concept of the theory is that systems have both permeable and impermeable boundaries (Azusa Pacific University 11). At the time where Hillary Clinton was open towards finding ways in which she could use the permeable boundaries of the immigration system to, Trump focused on the impermeable ones. His focus during the campaign period included maintaining a view in which he would instill thorough mechanisms that would not allow people with criminal background from accessing the US (The Guardian). His views came at a moment where many people in the US were wary of the increased criminal cases around the country as well as the growing terrorist incidents in different parts of the world. As a result, many people could have had retained the view that Donald Trump was a representation of the great reprieve that they were after. Many people in the country in the country were focused on their safety and were, therefore, interested in some of the ways through which they would instill it.


To sum up, the presidential elections of 2016 are a clear indication of the systems theory and how well it may be applied in the political process. The elections results showed the importance of various systems. The results also indicate the approach that the two candidates applied with the view of being able to take advantage of the different systems that exist in the country in a bid to conduct more successful campaigns. For instance, President Trump was fully aware of the touchy issue that gun ownership is in the country. He, therefore, made sure to take a less firm stand on it by promising the NRA that his government would not enact more restrictions on gun ownership. The promise could have had played a major role towards the outcome of the elections.

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