Questions and Answers About Derek Black Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

What part of this story was the most powerful for you? Why?

The most powerful part of this story is the point at which Derek decides to abandon or renounce his white nationalism believes that he had always had utmost zeal in and chose to stick to his new ideology or perspective. Derek was a firm believer of white nationalism since his childhood, such that he had vowed to follow his father's footsteps to spread the issue of white nationalism. His belief for white nationalism developed in him after regularly joining his father in several white nationalist conferences. This zeal or motivation saw Derek take part in radio show talks, and organize conferences that were aimed at proclaiming white nationalism.

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However, despite developing all this motivation towards the white nationalism when he joined the college in Sarasota and started to mingle with students from other races such as the Jews and got a chance to learn about their ideology, he gained a new perspective or point of view on the white nationalism ideology. For example, he never thought that the end of white nationalism would be brought about by forced deportation of the non-whites. Through interaction with his friend and counitnusly researching on the white nationalism ideology, he finally chose a new path of not supporting the white nationalism, a path that he stood firm with despite his father's concern. Despite his father trying to disassociate himself with him he remained firm on his decision. Up to the point when his father finally accepted his new believes or decision to abandon white nationalism. This was a powerful moment since Derek did not let his parents, mostly his father Don to control his view or beliefs instead he chose his path and remained firm on it.

What are the most important factors influencing Derek Black's change process?

Derek black change process was influenced by various crucial factors while in college, these factors include, first his interaction with new friends from other races such as the Jews. The change was mainly achieved mainly through his Jewish friends sending him emails that proved that the existing racial disparities in one's IQ could be explained by various factors that include educational opportunities, and prenatal nutrition. Through sharing that kind of information, Derek was able to review and research the information thus developing a new perspective or ideology that was more convincing; this forced him to abandon white nationalism. Secondly, his continuous study on Jewish scripture and German multiculturalism particularly in medieval Europe, where he found out that western Europe did not start as a great society with superior people but as a technologically backward nation. He also researched on race and whiteness and could not find them anywhere, therefore, concluding that they were invented, such research studies played a huge part in his conversion or change of ideology since he was able to know the truth of the issue.

What was most surprising about this story and why?

The most surprising thing about this story is Derek's sudden change of thoughts or ideology experienced in the story and how they came into terms with his father despite him abandoning his fathers believes. Derrick who was a strong believer in his father's ideology of white nationalism is seen to undergo a sudden change of his view once he joined college. This was an expected move since no one expected him to leave the strong ideologies he believed in since his childhood. For example, his father was shocked at hearing his sons new believes. On the other hand, despite his some abandoning his father's ideology of white nationalism, they finally come into term and have a moment to share what each and everyone believes in, and they all seem to respect each other's views.

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