Supporting Gifted & Special-Needs Learners in Classrooms - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-22


In most cases, instructors tend to focus on ways of improving and modifying instructional material to support learners with special needs within classroom settings. Some of the changes may include modification of lesson presentation approaches, assessment techniques, and evaluation measures forgetting that gifted learners also require modification of instructional material to accommodate these types of learners in a classroom. The primary purpose of this paper is to discuss two instructional changes for gifted learners.

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The first modification learning approach is enabling gifted learners to work together. By doing it creates competitions and allows them to discover their limitations and areas of weakness to boost their academic achievement. Social studies lesson is different from mathematics and technical disciplines whereby instructors can give gifted learners difficult arithmetic tasks and measure accuracy and their rate of completing the tasks. Social studies lessons require learners to demonstrate compressive knowledge of contents and their critical reasoning to related circumstances to generate ideas to apply in a new place. That said, these learners are required to work in groups that provide a challenge to prevent them from intimidating learners that are not gifted. To establishment the improvement of talented students using a group learning approach, it is essential to create a structured observation assessment instrument(Farah, & Chandler,2018).

Modifications of learning curriculum into a multi-level and dimensional curriculum provide an opportunity for gifted learners to make use of their ability leading to academic improvements. It is essential to differentiate the curriculum to enable instructors to address transformations in the rates, pace, and depth of learning(VanTassel-Baska,2018). As stated earlier, grifted learners should be grouped, but it is important to note that these students have different capacities and abilities based on rate and pace learning. By doing it enables learners to participate in projects that they can do best to avoid intimidation among the gifted students themselves.


In conclusion, as a professional and competent educator, it is critical to identify and establish suitable modification approaches that accommodate learners. By doing so, it enables gifted learners to become more competent through challenging themselves in unexpected means.


Farah, Y. N. & Chandler, K. L. (2018). Structured observation instruments assessing instructional practices with gifted and talented students: A review of the literature. Gifted Child Quarterly, 62(3), 276-288.

VanTassel-Baska, J. (2018). Considerations in the curriculum for gifted students.

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