Summary of My View on Marketing Information System (MIS) Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

As a student enrolled to pursue the Marketing Information System (MIS) course, I demonstrated a considerably narrow view towards this course. I was dominated by the thoughts that marketing activity could be carried out in isolation as no external or internal forces could act on it thereby having an impact on the marketer. Additionally, I viewed marketing as an activity that one can conduct through going to the field and collecting the information about the factors that prevail within the market. With these, I believed that MIS does not play an integral role, especially in enhancing the marketing activities. However, reading and learning MIS has completely changed my view. Currently, I view MIS as a highly desirable tool for the marketers and the marketing research professionals because it provides a comprehensive suite of functions.

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Firstly, I have come to realize that the MIS can be used in the marketing activities through helping and facilitating the identification of the information required in the marketing and advertising decisions. Additionally, marketers and researchers can also collect data and information from the market and then sort them out for access in the future. As part of the knowledge gained, I have been able to understand that MIS can store the information that it gathers and can be consequently be used to analyze the data it collects also. This system is controlled and directed by the researcher, who can relay the information to the clients promptly. The collection of information, in this case, is a continuous process that collects data from the variety of sources that analyses it and ultimately sends it to the appropriate department that is responsible for ensuring that the market needs are met. The effectiveness of any marketing decisions or operations does not, therefore, determine itself as an isolated process but is proved and determined by a secure information system that provides a company with a competitive advantage.

Contrary to my initial view when I began the MIS course, I have come to realize that the marketing decisions and information should not infrequently be approached. Researching with a lot of infrequencies subjects the firm to various risks such as missing the opportunities and facing the lack of awareness of the changes in the environment and the competitors' actions (Piercy & Evans, 2014). Besides, it may affect the data collection, storage, and even dissemination.


Through the knowledge gained in the MIS course, therefore, I intend to apply this knowledge in devising marketing strategies for the company that I will be working for in future. In a broader note, I will be able to create compelling marketing plans through target market identification, implementation of the entire marketing campaigns and setting up the standards needed for the company to succeed. Further, I also intend to use the MIS to customize modules for the specific requirements based on the fact that the information can be used to manage campaigns aimed at retaining the customers and vendors. Finally, I will be able to use the MIS to conduct the market analysis and after that create the product promotional strategies based on that analysis. It is based on the fact that the MIS can facilitate the design, analysis and the implementation of the techniques aimed at promoting given product based on its price, quality and other issues related to it.


Piercy, N., & Evans, M. (2014). Managing marketing information (rle marketing) (Vol. 17). Routledge.

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