Subjective and Objective Descriptive Essays

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Date:  2021-03-01

Andy has been my neighbor for over ten years now. Stubborn, ridiculous, crazy, pragmatic, serious and adaptive are what makes up his personality. However, his contradicting personality flawlessly complements itself. He is easy to notice among other individuals due to his outstanding physique. He is a very tall and well-built middle aged. His warm and gentle brown eyes are easy to notice. Andy has thin and tight lips that can sometimes be cracked. Moreover, his bald, round and small head makes him easily noticeable as it makes the white color of his skin more intense. He also has a strange long goatee that appears to be growing towards his neck. His arms are very long even though they are preoperational to his uniquely tall height. Andy could easily be recognized with his long arms that support the widest palms I have ever come across. He has very wide and palms.

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Being a middle aged man, the wrinkles on his face seem to defy his age. He has wrinkles smeared all over his small round face. Andys legs are uniquely long which puts him above everyone elses height in the neighborhood. His body appears to be un-proportionally shaped with the upper distance from her waist to her neck being relatively shorter as compared to his legs. Andys style of walking is utterly unique. He walks with his belly leaning forward as if he would fall if he kept walking. His walk must be affected by his large body weight that does not correspond to his extreme height.

In conclusion, Andy is one unique kind of a person. His qualities and appearances are unique, and this makes people fond of him and also easily distinguishable from the rest of people within the neighborhood.

Objective description

The new property is located in Dallas Downtown along Wood Street. The street is beautiful, and every house in this area appears to stand on its little hill like royalty. The street is green with trees and other vegetation literally everywhere. The trees provide the street with a cooling effect as well as a pleasant scent from the flowers. 310 is the address of the property located at the far end of the trail. The property lies on a 4-acre green land covered with cool season fine fescue grass.

The compound is almost fully covered with grass except for the left-hand side of the building that is tiled for the parking lot and the path leading to the main doorway from the main gate. The adjacent sided of the building are covered with beautiful flower gardens while the backyard has a beige swimming pool that is also surrounded with immaculately tall trees.

The building has three living rooms all which have the same designs. The inside plan attains the acme of customary elegant design with gentle curves on the window treatments as well as the furniture. The living room walls celebrate the radiance of brick walls. The sofas and the chairs have beautifully rolled arms together with subtle curves on their backs. The windows are embellished with the curved Roman shades that underlie the simple pleated silk panels.

The building is also furnished with three small, efficient kitchens as well as six well-furnished bathrooms. One of the most amazing qualities of the kitchens is the stainless steel kitchen countertops and the kitchen cabinets that are fixed with glass doors. The building also has eight bedrooms all that celebrate the textural brilliance of the stone walls. The bedrooms are also fitted with a quartet of modern beds that provide customized comfort.

In conclusion, the building is a well-furnished to provide an easy and comfortable stay. The inside elegance and the outside magnificence are appealing both to the eye and to the mind. The property is simply exclusive.

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