Study on Professional Psychology in Nigeria: Voluntary Participation

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Date:  2023-01-29

Nigeria. I am conducting this study as part of my studies in professional psychology. After I have told you more on this project, you have the right to decide whether to participate or not. Your participation is voluntary and you can decide to stop participating at any step or stage of the project without any penalties.

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First, I will explain what you will be asked to do. You will be asked to fill in some questionnaires for those that choose computerized and/or on-ground, paper and pencil surveys.

For the in-person surveys, you will be asked some questions. The interview sessions will be recorded. The record tapes will be transcribed and later deleted. Participating in the study will take about 45 minutes. During the study, you will be asked for information about the age of the survivors, the mental and psychological assistance given to sex trafficked victims, and the state of the client at the time they exited the facility. Other essential templates that you will be asked to fill out include the quality of life, demographic questionnaire, and the post-traumatic growth inventory.

In this study, you will be exposed to some risks. The risks are collecting identifiable information of the survivors such as the age of the survivors at the time when they entered and exited the recruitment agencies, their work place, and place of residence. You will be exposed to the risk of emotional turmoil when describing some of the experiences of the survivors. Other risks will be those of social harm stemming from possible identification of participants as having worked with sex trafficked victims who are a marginalized group in Nigeria if email and phone information were to be disclosed, and the emotional effects of reviewing a caseload of trafficking victims. Secondary PTSD symptoms are a documented consequence of working with traumatized victims, and the interview or questionnaire could trigger any pre-existing symptoms. Such persons are encouraged to refrain from participating in the study. Further minimizing these risks will entail the fact that you can choose the questions to answer and those not to. Any questions that make you uncomfortable or distressful could be avoided. Also, since the interview responses will be audio recorded, the recorded versions will transcribed and later deleted. Your participation in the study will be appreciated since it will allow for further research on the techniques that will aid in assisting survivors of sex trafficking in Nigeria.

There is no direct personal benefit for participating. However, the study is essential to society since it informs of the techniques used to handle sex trafficked victims. The government will use this information to identify the potential assistance they could give to the victims of sex trafficking to improve their quality of life. Consequently, researchers will have a chance to conduct further studies into the topic to propose measures that could best assist victims of sex trafficking upon reading this study. In consequence, the society would benefit for improved services provided to victims of sex trafficking.

If you have any questions, kindly feel free to ask via the contact information below.

Duruhesie, [email protected]

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