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Existing and Proposed Models:

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The establishment of an e-commerce for the company would show the relationship between the process model and data model. With respect to the company, integration of the data model above to the expansion process from Lewis single shop in East England, denotes the essence of assembling relevant facts towards the business process. The data model involves the presentation of data pertaining to amount of revenue collected, employee statistics, and other sets of data related to the company. On the process model, its a clear roadmap on the path that the company would follow in its pursuit of gaining foothold in Europe after its success in acquisition of more outlets. The information system therefore provides the necessary information factors that determine the system requirements according to the BPMN model above. The system requirements would look into the relevant technical implements such as software, hardware and other related machinery required for establishment of a stable information system that is in line with the company's BPMN model. Since there exists need for a secure information system, the development of the process models would have a pseudo code. The relevance of the pseudo codes to the companys information system points to the development of a human reading language. As a program language, pseudo codes would use the structural convention they possess for development of a human-centered and a user friendly system. The development then culminates into an application prototype that when put to task would show the level of sophistication of the system in addressing issues within the ABCs operations. The physical model here involves the Input/output structures that ensure data entering the system are processed and again portray the expected results. The I/O structures include computers, printers, projectors and many other implements.

Question 2

The case study would focus on ABC as a company having acquired PhoneBit and still uses the BPMN Strategy, chosen over differentiation strategy that concentrates on product form, and the companies brand image all over Europe. The orientation of the paper would basically aim at the elementary factors facilitating the BPMN approach. Alternatively, the factors would pay attention on the various business activities supporting the B2C e-commerce (Son, 2015, p. 135). Through the model, Azzaz's prospects will prove matchless to other established enterprises, organization or companies in the mobile phone industry. One such indicator would have Azzazs Phone Stores offering competitive advantage in the retail business. In this regard, the key factors associated with the above models would consider organizing resources towards massive production of phone products hence the attainment of competitive edge over other established players in the retailing sector. When the goods and services are produced at their lowest costs and consequently enabling consumers enjoy affordability of goods, a cut in incurred expenses would be realized and ultimately, it would encourage more sales and stability of the markets. The little costs the company utilizes in making adverts for its online services, channeling such funds elsewhere. The evidence of the rapid expansion of its outlets all over the world would justify the gradual increment of other companies for instance a phone retailing company such as Amazon that has 15 million client base (Job, 2016, p. 1). Continued use of Azzaz products in this regard, would rely on establishment of a reliable IT system that fully integrates PhoneBits in the competitive market is a first priority for instance. The prospects would still enable Azzaz surpass Amazon as the most reputable phone marketer globally where Amazon has 30000 items listed yet struggles with its IT systems at Wall Street. In solving the market pricing woes, the BPMN technique presents a vital strategy that directly impacts the organizational framework of the company. The strategy would also help the acquired PhoneBits Company to clearly distinguish the roles of the various operations of the two merged companies for convenience purposes. Even with the merger, the defined roles would outline volumes about the level of commitment in ensuring that Azzaz realizes a stronger brand presence with a proper framework addressing customer relationship issues.

Question 2:

Strategic Analysis:

An analysis of BPMN as a business strategy for Azzaz as a company, the use of SWOT analysis evaluates a framework showing relevance that comes with the implementation of BPMN as a business strategy. The four that are Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats would identify the competitive advantage ABC has over rivals in the industry.


On to strengths, Azzaz exhibits a reputable brand image all over the globe and it enables penetration of its products even into the most competitive markets. In addition, the company possesses the capabilities of distributing its various chain and logistics in an efficient manner for its sustenance in the retail industry. It is also a show of the companys efficiency in facilities aggressively constructed for the sustenance of the BPMN (Job, 2016, p. 1).


On to weaknesses, ABC only sells at zero margins. With the company's presence all over Europe and lastly it enjoys the negative publicity. In regard to the companys need for adopting the BPMN strategy, its operations are streamlined which ensures that the company gains a greater chunk of a share in the ever competitive retail industry. In the long run, there exists a significant reduction in competitiveness which provides room for higher and assured returns.


Azzaz has a host of opportunities ensuring that in the retail industry, the penetration of its products can still find relevance regardless of the level and nature of existing competition. Through its increased share in the market, the companys acquisition of another company ensures that it extends its high level productivity, its less costly services and a stable information system to the highest peaks of doing business (Job, 2016, p.1). A proper information system for the company would then guarantee that the acquisition of PhoneBits propels the business into a gain of higher profitability through creation of a defense mechanism. The mechanism got by establishing competitive advantage enables Azzaz to defend itself from many competitors to enjoying monopoly of higher revenues. In the long run, Azzaz exploits the chances of establishing other mobile phone retail stores in other countries apart of globalization measures in business. In order for an achievement of economies of scale, BPMN advocates for the provision of a range of products and services. In turn, it then presents a platform where Azzaz and PhoneBits as an integrated company reap from the fruitful execution of the planned strategies.


In most cases, Azzaz faces a real-time threat in the recall of their products. In most cases, the mobile phone products may have certain defects which prompt lawsuits against the company. These court cases therefore consume a lot of time and the company also faces a significant blow as a reduction of profits would ensue, making the company's chances of maximizing profit rendered slim (Matulevicius, 2016, p. 117). Various discrepancies in import duty costs have caused a lot of difficulties for the company, especially in making financial projections for a given financial budget.

Part B:

An open source code refers to the access to source codes where the distribution of the codes complies with the apportionment of the relevant software used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (Chiarello, 2016, p. 66). In this section, emphasis focuses on the detailed comparison of four software namely: Concursive, Splendid, Hipergate, and Tustena. The contrast looks into the following characteristics that form the basis of selection criteria:


It aids an understanding of the diversity of cultures around the globe, and through it, clients have an assurance of ease of use, flexibility, and accessibility of all the languages for use with the software.


It helps the company meet its need as the software is customizable according to the everyday needs. When a corporation's software is customized, it would require little time learning and ownership are also guaranteed.

Support and Continuity:

A company needs support and continuity as they enable extensive documentation enabling implementation of CRM and assures ease of use.

Ease of Use:

It is a factor characterized by the level of complexity in the User Interface (UI). It also determines acceptance of CRM-based software based on the connection systems in the company.


It refers to the export/import features for software. It also includes integration with other desirable applications. Compatibility ensures the efficiency of the realistic character of the software, and ultimately an effective CRM gets equally realized.


It primarily concerns workability of higher workloads and enables the growth of the company through a proper monitoring of security and efficiency of software.


It centers on the integration of CRMs to the modern day web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome, where it determines the system requirements, system independence and accompanying software working environments.


It is one of the essential characteristics of software where each OS solution avails security options of either field level, role-based and user-centered.


It involves the addition of new features to specific software for suiting an organization's software needs. The software, therefore, should show the ability to meet society's wants and needs

System Requirements:

It exhibits one of the most important features in a CRM software assessment as it looks into the various functionality and customer segmentation requirements (Chiarello, 2016, p. 66). It also determines the scope of growth and serviceability of the software which shows the last measurable standards for the growth of the company.

Concursive Splendid Hipergate Tustena Characteristics Internationalization It allows for languages such as: English, Italian and German and more than ten other languages. It supports multiple languages with a supply of seven localized languages and over fifty global languages. The software has more than ten languages comprising English, French, German, Spanish and Italian The software has few languages such as Spanish, Italian and English. The software manufacturers give a provision for development of new languages upon requests.


Customization is executed through porlets web applications. In this case, the porlets are combined with APIs hence the software show utmost customizability with a combination of administrative modules It is possible for customization of the software. Organizations and companies are only charged with addition of customized fields and editing of any layout for convenience in tailoring. The software has limited customization where the default page can go through a change through editing of the appearance. The softwares SDK integration enables for third party writing, where data is importab...

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