Benefiting From Software Enhanced Cars

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Date:  2022-03-29

How is software adding value to automaker's products?

Through the case study, software is viewed to be adding more value to automaker's products in various means. Software has worked on improving general customer experience, with the auto industry tirelessly working on various technologies that provides allowance for a car to be managed via the clouds. Technically, automakers are doing most of the job to innovate with application and software. For example, Ford worked intensely in-dash touch which is available for selecting vehicles with control for music, navigation, temperature, and music and phone integration. On the other hand, the automakers are making use of software to improve the customer's experience by providing the great allowance for automakers products through synchronizing various application with customers tablet and smart phones which offer clients good experience when it comes to interacting with the product.

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How are the automakers benefiting from software enhanced cars? How are customers benefiting?

There are various benefits which is associated with the software-enhanced cars, though some of the software-enhanced cars assist when it comes to alleviating urban congestion but making invention and directing most investment on technology that focuses on responding to some of the challenges that are created by traffic. In the long run, cars will be fed with increasing information into their system on how to reduce highway congestion. Additionally, automakers are now being viewed to require that cars feed increasing amount of information into the system and how that software can be updated (Kim, Baek and Lim, 2017). Through the development of software's and various application that has enhanced the general operation, the automaker may participate on saving time that normally takes about one and a half year to build, design and plan a new car. Ideally, production and design, that's including assembly line set up and stumbling of equipment can bring out a new software interface for a car within a few month and consider updating it again and again ever without much lead time. Lastly, customers are provided with significant benefits of avoiding reserve parking space in advance.

What is value chain activities involved in enhancing cars with software?

Automakers devoted resources to test and update the software as well as built one of the means to provide the updated software to their clients. Outbound and inbound logistics are viewed to form part of the significant value chain that is part of the cars with software. Focusing on Ford motor company, the value chain can be realized by some of the activities for bringing out some of the cars that are operating with MyFord Touch interface that can be used in selecting vehicles with control for navigation. Additionally, Ford has been viewed to be making a great upgrade in the sync software that is behind the interface. Even though BMW has generated greater investment in its vehicle to vehicle communication technologies, Ford, on the other hand, has double the investment and has upgraded to the company to achieve a competitive advantage(Shammas,2017).

How much of competitive advantage is software providing for automakers? Explain your answer?

A competitive advantage offers greater value to automaker since they bring unique features that make the client obtain a unique product altogether. The software provides the opportunity to customers on having more and efficient user experience, with great functionality that comes by incorporating software into the outcomes of the automaker. When buying a car, software providing for automakers with significant competitive advantage involves software upgrading the quality offered in the car and that which serves the car with convenient facilities.


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