Stephen Hawking and God Essay

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The article presents the views of Stephen Hawking regarding the existence of God and the role of God in creation. Hawking's scientific conviction through observation convinces him that creation just happened, but at the same time, he fails to rule out the existence of God (Johnston). In the book of Genesis 1 chapter 1 confirms God created the world from nothing which means that before creation nothing existed. Hawking and other scientists believe that the world self-creation began from nothing. The biblical and the scientific view on creation are similar, and the difference is the conviction of an individual which is based on one's faith (MacKenzie 4). Despite not believing in God, Hawking argues that to understand how the world was created one should think first that God created the universe. Science only can identify how the world was created but does not dispute the existence of God. God does not have a definite measure which makes it hard for scientists such as Hawking to understand and frame his existence which can be done only through faith. Jeremiah 23: 23-24 confirms that man cannot see God, but man cannot hide from God. Therefore, the existence of God is an act of faith and cannot be explained by scientific theories and boundaries.

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The Immigrant Caravan

The immigrant caravan is causing a significant challenge and dilemma on the Mexican government as well as the United States of America government. Both the governments have viciously responded towards the immigrants who are fleeing from hunger and persecution in their countries. The dilemma facing the two countries regarding the immigrant caravan is on how to treat them. The Old Testament in different books gives references on how foreigners and immigrants should be treated. As a Christian, the bible should be used as a guide in decision making (Verster 3). The book of Exodus 22:21 advices the Jews not to mistreat foreigners because they were once foreigners in Egypt. Similarly, the book of Genesis 12:10 notes that when there was a famine in the land, Abraham went to Egypt to live there for a while. These verses show that Christians should positively receive and treat immigrants because they are fleeing problems back in their home countries. The verses have changed my perception of the immigrant caravan, and I believe both the Mexican and the United States government should show hospitality to the immigrants.

Rage and the #Me Too Movement

The range of the Me Too movement has been a significant discussion in many media outlets with a portion of the community supporting the mob justice approach to administering social justice. In Flanagan article, mob justice is identified as a significant issue towards the administration of impartial justice because it lacks due process and also proportionality. There is a substantial dilemma on whether to support "Me too" approach to justice. However, using the Old Testament one can get a glimpse of biblical justice which is biblically acceptable. The book of Deuteronomy 19:15 holds on the importance of diligence during criminal investigations as well as the premise of innocent until proven guilty. Besides, Genesis 39 story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife indicate that false accusations are possible. Therefore, the "Me too" approach to justice is wrong and can lead to a wrongful conviction which is against the biblical teaching of justice. Genesis 39 and Deuteronomy 19:15 have changed my view towards justice and helps in the realization of the importance of following due process and avoiding unjustified "Me too" approach to justice.

The Gosnell Movie and the Media

McLean reviews the case of a media blackout on a contentious issue that has been hushed and talked with low tone by many media outlets despite its sensitivity. Abortion in the 21st century America has become an issue of debate with many people using different reasons to justify the killing of unborn infants. In the film, the accused does not only kill the unborn infants but brutally kill infants after they are born using scissors by dismembering their spinal cords. The biggest question that the legal system has failed to address is when life begins and the legality of abortion as a practice. Having a biblical perspective can help Christians to decide on the legality of abortion from God's perspective. In the book of Genesis 1:28 man is commanded to be fertile and to multiply because it is in the image of God to create. Further, Psalm 139: 13 notes, "You knit me in my mother's womb . . . nor was my frame unknown to you when I was made in secret." This is an indication that from conception life is precious. Therefore, life is precious from the moment a baby is conceived, and it is wrong for whatever reasons to justify the killing of the unborn infants.

Transgender Woman Wins Women's World Cycling Championship

The issues of transgender rights in sporting and social circles has become an issue of urgency lately as both secular and religious organizations weigh in with their views on transgender people. Being a transgender is a non-conformative status because the worldview is that of female or male. However, there has been an increase in transgender participation in sporting activities, especially in women categories. I tend to defer on the increasing encouragement of gender change through surgery which gives some individuals an undue advantage over other participants, especially in female sporting events. Deuteronomy 22:5 says, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God." This verse makes it clear that it is wrong for people to assume other genders and the case of Dr. Rachel McKinnon is wrong and should not be encouraged because when one changes their sex or understands another gender, the bible says that they are an abomination unto the Lord.

The Homeless on the Santa Ana River Trail

Whiting covers the plight of the homeless people living in the Santa Ana River trail in Orange County. Based on interviews from the locals, there is significant dissident against the poor and homeless living along the trail. Most people value the trail for use for physical exercises instead which is the reason behind the bitterness of the people living in the county who previously used the trail. This article addresses a significant problem facing many communities as the number of homeless and poor people increase. The Bible provides Christians with clear guidance on such cases of poverty (Verster 2). Deuteronomy 15:11 notes that the poor will always be found amongst the people and the Bible encourages people to help those that are in need instead of avoiding them like in the case of Santa Ana river trail which is marred with hate against the poor and homeless occupying the trail.

How Pornography Changes the Human Brain

Dr. Struthers argues on the negative impact of pornography on the human brain which leads to addiction. Struthers contends that the brain adopts change through information exposed to it which has a significant effect on the entire being (Pure Passion Media). As such, watching pornography has a substantial impact on the human brain that goes beyond to affect one's character. As such, Isaiah 1:16-17 urges Christians to rid themselves and their home from sexually addictive items. This shows that God was already aware that sexual items could be addictive which could negatively affect the individual's behavior. From this video, there is an essential lesson that what people expose themselves to can significantly impact their thinking and behavior.

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