Some Questions on Religion. Essay Example.

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Date:  2021-04-09

Question 1 C.S. Lewis Meditation in a Tool Shed.

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Technically, comparing C.S Lewis experience of looking at the beam of light in the tool shed and the experience of looking along the beam of light, he came to realize that looking at the beam of light is quite similar to the way sociologist and scientists look at things about religion or love. Critically, taking an example from my life and even an experience where a situation or experience looked different from the outside to other people, looking AT the situation than from my inner experience. Focusing on the issue contraceptives and abortion, I am not only a practicing Catholic, but I am also a realist and thinking Catholic. Many things have been happening in the world which is much contrary to the teaching of the church as we move with time; the church is being viewed to be at odds with the world. At the same time as thinking Catholic, I am not able to agree with the church to some specific limit since in our real world we need something like abortion and contraception at one point, because of either health issues or regarding managing the population.

In abortion we all have the right to choose with one major choice involving the right to choose from the Catholic thinking, that doesn't allow abortion, and that which includes denying someone the right to live at the same. What is so unique with my thinking is that not doing abortion can deny the mother's right to live and not only the unborn child. In the situation where the health condition is so critical losing the parents live when the baby is not aborted can be a serious issue if not taken into consideration. On the other hand from a Catholic way of thinking taking contraceptives is like killing the unborn and even allowing immorality to increase, from my experience different situation has made me realize that using contraceptives is sometimes the only option to control population and avoid unwanted pregnancies. In my view thinking, Catholic is an accurate view as compared to Catholic thought since it brings understanding at its good in saving the life when handling morally.

Question 2 Letter to Artists by John Paul II

John Paul II can say that Beauty will save the world, I totally I agree with the extraordinary statement which when the meaning is implemented in reality then real change can be experienced. In Pope John II letter to artists, under the heading, The Saving Power of Beauty the beauty will save the world is revealed as a quote means that in the mad world, the truth and moral order towards the good can lead to a reflection and exposure of real beauty in the current world. Pope mentioned that people of today and the future requires enthusiasm if they are meant to master and meet the significant problems which we are currently facing before us. The Pope continues through his statement, Thanks to this humanity, enthusiasm, and every time it loses its way, we will be in a position of lifting itself up and direct gain in the right way. Through approaching the world by good deeds, humanity and enthusiasm, every time the world loses or even an individual lose its way; we will be able to lift it up and set out the gain in the right, in the long run, the beauty will save the world.

Generally, from the popes quote, beauty itself is luminous, and the light of beauty is perfectly meant to illuminate the way towards the light of faith where when we do the morally right thing which is based on love the beauty caused by the moral act can drive away the darkness. Authentic beauty, however, creates unlock to the yearning of human beings heart, the larger desire to love, to reach for the beyond can expose that the beauty touches us in an intimate manner and open our eyes to rediscover the joy of doing good things and to acknowledge the profound meaning of our existence.

Class 2, Question 1

Merton meeting by a Hindu Monk is one of the greatest experience, exploration and full of advice, Merton meeting with Hindu Monk who was named Brahmachari as a result of some counsel. Merton received sound advice from the Monk; he was advised to go after his Christian tradition to focus and look for what he was genuinely in for. Ideally, Merton was greatly influenced by his meditation especially on emptying of Christ with the Monk similar emptying in poverty and the general acceptance of suffering struck. The perception of Merton was that Monk came to feel the experience of a riddle that has no facile or even an easy answer. Merton experience with the monk made him change his perception since then; he argued that the emptiness, the tradition of approaching God with no images and words bring pure light and pure darkness to come together. Through Monks advice to Merton on following his Christian tradition was one of the best experiences.

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