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There are some figures whether in fiction real life that is used to pass and show some important aspects among the people of some particular societies. The figures of modernity show a great transition between the ancient society and the societies of the present day. Most parts of Asia have had some significant number of modernity figures who are recognized for various things. Figures of modernity are not taken and or viewed as any other individuals within the society but are viewed as special individuals whose existence in the society in the ancient times is associated with what goes on in the present times. These figures of modernity are important in understanding the cultures and beliefs of the various communities. Charles Darwin is one of the most recognized figures of modernity in Asia.

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From the field of history, most persons have heard of Charles Darwin but most of these have or do not understand who Charles Darwin really was. Charles Darwin who was born in the year 1809 in America grew up to become a great historian and researcher who did exemplary work in the field he was specialized in. He displayed exemplary interest and performance in the field of history from the early days of his education and that is why he ended up to be a great researcher of the history of mankind (Browne, 2010). He was specialized in evolution and revolutionary of human beings from the early times to the present times. This is in terms of appearance through the behavior to all other changed aspects of human beings.

What makes Charles Darwin a figure of modernity is his great work which most of the time compares the traditional people with the modern ones on the basis of what those early people could or could not do as well as what the modern ones can do. He shows and proves that there are significant differences between the two groups of people from history. According to Charles Darwin, evolution in the human beings took place continuously and it was necessitated by a number of factors within and around them. Through the theories put forth by Darwin in his work on evolution, he explains the changes that have taken place in the present people of the Asian parts from ancient times (Rainbow, 2011). The changes among the Asian people that can be seen from the historical work of evolution and revolution by Charles Darwin include the physical outlook as well as the culture and beliefs of the people. There are certain things which the early people were believed to have been doing in their day to day lives. However, as time went by, those early human beings got transformed in various ways. The transformation that took place in these human beings was as a result of continuous evolution over time. The culture of the ancient people included some particular things which to them had been a must do a thing. For example, the way of talking, dressing, walking and or behavior of the ancient human beings was framed in a particular way. With the continuous changes that took place in these human beings as explained by Darwin in his theories about human evolution, the culture of the people continued to change also with time until a time when everything about their ways of living changed.

In the dimension of the culture of the Asian people and the relationship that exists between this and Charles Darwin, there is a lot of information which Darwin communicates about the transition from the traditional way to modernity. The Asian people have in the present times adopted other ways of living other than the way their early ancestors used to live. These differences in the culture of the early people comparing them with those in today's Asia include up to the way they interacted with each other, their religions, understanding of some specific issues and many more (Browne, 2010). As a figure of modernity, Charles Darwin tries as much as possible to cover what the evolved human beings in Asia belief and live by today after a long time of undergoing significant changes. There is a lot of advancement in terms of the people's ways of living from the time the evolution of the human beings began and this advancement has made the lives of the people of Asia better and better over time.

The Asian people have had and or acquired a deep understanding of a countable number religions which never existed neither were they practiced during the early times. These religions are in the range of Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. These were not a common thing before evolution took place and therefore have come with people getting used to new ways of life and changing dynamically to fit into the changing world. A religion like Buddhism in Asia has grown and nearly dominated the entire region and does sounds funny owe to the fact that they were not even known before these changes took place in the humans.

As a way of showing that things have changed from traditional to modern, Darwin reflects on the understanding of various issues by the Asian people. In ancient times, the people had not gained any good understanding of many issues and aspects of life around them. However, evolution came around and impacted greatly on this. Asian people are seen to have acquired a great deal of civilization and started to take issues in a different way from the past. This has seen all the positive changes in the lives of these individuals (Allan, 2016). More and more coming together and cooperation of the people in the society is evidence of the positive achievements out of the evolution of human beings. There was a great separation in the early times of life among the Asian people before changes took place in them through evolution and the revolutionary acts. Nowadays as proofed in the work of Charles Darwin, the people are able to live more harmoniously and together since they have been integrated together by understanding themselves well and others as well.

There are a number of theories talked about by this figure of modernity Charles Darwin whereby he clearly shows how the evolution and transition from the traditional way of life to modernity have been characterized by other factors like the revolution in all the dimensions of life. There has been a serious revolution and improvement all through the years since evolution (Allan, 2016). More and more inventions have been made by the people of Asia all in a bid to ensure that their lives get to improve. Charles Darwin serves as a great figure of modernity in Asian history in that he makes people aware of their own origin and navigation through all the stages of evolution to the present day. All his works have been liked by many people across Asia and thus he has over a long time acted as a factor of uniting the people across this land.

This figure of modernity has served in Asia as a good way of making the Asians get to terms with the culture that they possess. This is through the understanding of their origins and how they came to the state they are in at the current times. This figure of modernity has expounded on nearly all the aspects of the Asian people and helped them get a copy of where they have navigated from and what they have achieved within that time. Basically, he takes the Asians through a journey of understanding the way of life of their early fathers and all the subsequent generations to those that exist today. This figure of modernity has acted as a great figure for the society to understand the way their lives have been and the changes that have taken place in them within the past years (Browne, 2010). Darwin's work that has proved the great change of traditions to modernity in Asia covered all the necessary aspects and or dimensions of life. These particular dimensions of life around which his work revolves around range from the social life of these people, what they know about themselves, what they believe and their religions. Therefore, as a matter of fact, he has really been of great help and or importance in the lives of the people in matters related to their own lives.


As the other recognized figures of modernity all across the world, Charles Darwin the great historian has played a very vital role in the understanding of the culture, practices, and everything that is connected to the people of Asia. Asia has had so many such modernity figures with others serving and deeming important in political issues, family matters and others in matters like education. Darwin is just among the most popular figures of modernity in Asia with great achievements in what they have been doing that concerns and touches the lives of the people. Darwin did not only focus on the culture and religion of the people but to some extent, he would touch on the political life of these particular people from the ancient times up to the present date. Therefore he served as a great modernity feature in aiding of the people's understanding of the political journey from the traditional days to the present times. Darwin achieved a lot in his journey towards the realization of such things and had conducted countless researches each and every time to come up with and obtain the truth about these matters. Most of the modern people have this as a result been impacted on by the works and work of this great historian. This has fostered good practices and morals among the Asian people. The religions and cultures of the Asians are up to date followed and observed strictly as a result of the contribution made by this recognized figure of modernity Charles Darwin. Many figures of modernity have had significant impacts on contemporary life people live today.


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