Some Questions on a Quality Management System

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Date:  2021-04-07

What are typical risk and opportunities that an organization needs to address in QMS?

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Some of the risks that organization is QMS is non-conformance which has interfered with quality. Some of the possibilities is quality end product which comes as a result of costly input

During an audit how will you verify conformance to the following specific requirement related to leadership?

1. Communicating the importance of effective quality management and of conforming to the quality management system

Top management has ensured that risks and opportunities that might interfere with conformity and the capability to improve customer satisfaction are identified and addressed.

2. Promoting continual improvement

The resources required for a quality management system are available. The organization has ensured that a quality management system attains results that can be achieved. Finally, the leadership has assured that further training to staffs so as to enhance their expertise in their profession.

How will you audit the improvement process in an organization, give appropriate examples from the evidence you will seek to identify.

The various organization has developed a continual improvement as an objective and can be audited against the objective. When collecting audit evidence to validate continual improvement, auditors focus on areas that need improvement. To identify improvement, the auditor can refer to the last month record and check any advance.

What action is expected to be taken by an organization when Nonconforming process output is detected? Give a practical example of each action.

The management may halt the entire production process until the mess has been cleared to avoid a major crisis. For example, during a production of alcohol, one bottle may be found not meeting the standard since it is contaminated, yet the production is in progress. Avoid further contamination; production should be put on hold.

Identify the interrelation between the internal audit requirements with another requirement of the standard. Present your answer through the pictorial presentation.

Continuous improvement is necessary but not easy to be achieved. However, companies have come up with methods such as auditing to monitor and develop it further. The ISO 19011:2002, guidelines for quality clause 6:2:2 gives the aims of auditing.

1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the management system in attaining its precise objectives

2. Identify areas for possible improvement

What are actions to be taken by an organization when a non-conformity occurs?

The organization should find out the internal and external risk opportunities that require being solved. Secondly, the company can prevent undesired action through continuous improvement

How will you audit the effectiveness of the Management Review Process?

I will engage the top management to enable me to get access to essential information during auditing.

I will look at previous issues and compare with the currents ones, for instance, customer feedback

How will you verify the conformance to the implementation of customer focus?

When you look at customer focus, the ISO 9001 is inclined towards the fundamental notion of consumers responsiveness, which is referred to as providing customers with what they contracted to be provided with.

Write short notes on quality objectives

Quality objectives are critical methods used by firms to focus the goals of the Quality policy into plans for development. They entail what the organization entails to achieve

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