Social Science: Literature Review

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Date:  2022-04-07

Palestinian Refugees Are Not at Your Service

The article focus on the plight of refugees in Palestine with regards to the conditions the war has affected their lives as well as their health. Humanitarian personnel from Harvard visited the region to find out the kinds of problems the refugees are facing as well as how they found their way to Lebanon.

Harvard students utilized the use of interpreters and questionnaires to gather primary data during the entire data gathering time. Through carefully structured questions which are arranged sequentially, the data collectors would ask the participators questions relating to their journey from the home country all the way to the current region they are during the time of the interview.

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This kind of data collection used by the Harvard students lays a key role in this situation where firsthand information is required in trying to get the meat of the story regarding the plight of the Palestinians for 65 years. From the gathered information, it shows that the Palestinians have suffered a lot at the hands of rotten humanity which have destroyed their country. Furthermore, the information gathered shows the hope the Palestinians prays for, that one day they may get to return to their country Palestine.

How a Gay-Marriage Study Went Wrong

The author of the article in a personal perspective focuses on how wrong data gathering of s study trying to find support for same-sex marriage. However, during the investigation, it was realized later that the data collected by the researchers were inconsistent and had errors. Multiple statistical irregularities were found five years later after the publication f the paper named LaCour of 2014. This led to researchers doing other research and trying to find the raw data of the initial study.

The study used questionnaires in the form of surveys the neighborhoods to survey to convince people to support same-sex marriage. Furthermore, secondary data was obtained by comparing LaCour's research data with Green's data which showed consistency. David Broockman and Joshua Kalla pushed the research further by preparing online surveys to gather data as well.

One on one information gathered by LaCour and Green are the base of the research in the article since it allows the study to get one on one reaction and experience of the participants, therefore, can create a real situation. An online survey, on the other hand, may not give the correct perception on the study area.

Laud Humphreys and Research Ethics

The author of the article uses the study of Humphrey regarding sex basing on protecting of study subjects. The author argues that Humphreys study had the best interest of his subjects and the researchers must be ready to defend their subjects at any cost possible.

Earl Babbie used secondary data from Humphreys study to argue that, it is essential to stick to ethical research practices which will not tarnish the privacy of the subjects. On the other hand, Humphreys used one on one interviews and surveys on his initial study findings. This provides an up-close look at the study and how it evolves to shape the study's authenticity.

Surveys and interviews used by used b Humphreys are essential to study research practices in social sciences since it involves getting the right feedback an on a direct basis of primary data from a selected research population. This primary method of data collection is vital in analyzing the data and getting the meat of the study.

Ethics in Social Science Research

The article focus on the rights of the participants any social science research study. It further explains the kind of problems experienced at the time of the study together with the contracting actions used to protect the subjects of the study. Safeguard the subjects of an investigation involves using the correct and allowed methodological research practices that are core to the ethical research of social scientists.

The study used secondary data from previously conducted research studies like the Tuskegee Syphilis Study of 1945 which conducted a one on one interaction with syphilis patients without consent and without offering penicillin to the patients. The entire article enlightens on how the rights of the participants were abused by unethical research standards and how they affected their lives.

The study conducted by the author based on previous social sciences research on subjects is essential in retracting back in time about situations which shape the resent day's research ethics. This has helped the rights of the subjects be protected and thus making research an extensive participation of researchers and the study area participants.

Controversies Surrounding Laud Humphreys' Tearoom Trade: An Unsettling Example of Politics and Power in Methodological Critiques.

The paper uses the actions of Humphreys' tearoom trade study and how he researched without consent but deceit. In this paper, the writer focuses on how human subjects were handled in a study by the research and how the subjects would have been blackmailed after the stud has been done. With regards to Humphreys' study in casual public sex, their ethical pillars are noted which relates to exemplary components of ethical research. The paper promotes a fundamental view to promoted ethical and methodological dilemmas that arise when the underlying principles for human research come into conflict with each other.

The author uses secondary data collection method to aim at getting the objective of the study into perspective. Through this type of data gathering, various versions of the theories can be shown and used to make the purpose clear. The secondary sources, in this case, used observations and surveys with interviews, as indicated by the study of Humphreys' public sex study although, Humphrey did use the subjects in an unethical manner which could have jeopardized there privacy and family association.

This method of data gathering is essential in its use by the author as it allows the ready to get the perspectives of the subject matter from different angles. It is superior as compared to primary data as it gives a more advanced view of various research methodologies in trying to justify a theory.

Tearoom Trade: Means & Ends in Social Research.

The study shows how Humphreys managed to understand the relationship between men's sexual acts in public places. To do this, he observed men, recorded their cars license plates in which he traced them to their homes. After one year, Humphreys changed his look and in turn visited each of the 50 houses of the men he observed. While personifying himself as a social health researcher, he managed to interview the men under pretenses to gather information regarding their marital status, sexuality and las sexual orientations and occupations.

The paper uses secondary data by examining the research design and methods utilized by Humphreys in his study. It makes it essential in realizing specific research designs may evoke criticism about how subjects of the study were handled.

It is from the article that there exist many criticisms that have made Tearoom study a dubious ethical study nature about the problems associated with the covert participation of observation which are the primary concerns in the article.

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