Experienced Ethical Dilemma - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-07-21


I love making new friends. I already have numerous friends irrespective of the fact that I have stayed at my new place for only a year. Joel and Robert are among my friends. Joel had met and started a romantic relationship with another beautiful lady called Kelly. Joel talks about their dating affair with the unquestionable affirmation that they are committed to each other. He is also convinced beyond doubt that they have a long-term relationship.

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Joel does not seem to know Kelly well. Andrew notices on four consecutive afternoons that the lady that Joel claims to have is Robert's wife. Robert had suspected that his wife might be having an affair. However, his busy schedule has not allowed him to do a follow-up. Since we had many friends around, he had entrusted me with the responsibility of confirming or disputing his doubts. Who do I value in this circumstance? Irrespective of who I notify, both of them will be hurt in one way or another. Do I remain quiet and hope that no one discovers my knowledge? I followed the Christian ethics principle of doing unto others what I would like it done unto me. Even though the truth hurts, it would be important for me to understand my wife. Hence, I told Robert the truth.

The Decision Rationale

Virtue ethics supports my decision in directing people to rely on their character and virtues rather than striving to bring about good results. People should be a virtuous person by embracing ideal character traits (Brannmark & Sahlin, 2010). An agent-based perspective relies on peoples' common sense intuitions derived from judging admirable traits in other people as a guideline for good virtues. Notably, virtue ethics directs that Kelly's unfaithfulness is not an admirable virtue. However, Robert's patience while awaiting the truth is an exemplary trait. My role as stipulated by virtue ethics would be to embrace honesty and truthfulness. The will involve informing Robert regarding his wife's unfaithfulness and cautioning Joel regarding his affair with a married woman. I should perform my virtuous act without considering the results of my actions on the recipients. Even though self-centered, the approach is appropriate in evoking an ultimate solution in regards to the problem at hand.

Consequentialist theories specify an action as morally right depending on its respective implications. They can be divided into ethical egoism, ethical altruism, and ethical utilitarianism. Ethical egoism recognizes an action as right if it has advantageous implications to the individual agent. This principle would have directed me to remain quiet because I did not have anything to gain from informing any one of them. Ethical utilitarianism identifies an act as morally right, and it produces the greatest happiness for many people. The situation would imply that I should keep quiet about the information. This decision may have reserved doubts in Robert's mind but ascertained happiness for Joel and Kelly. Ethical utilitarianism and ethical egoism would have suppressed my role in the situation. They glorify selfishness (Brannmark & Sahlin, 2010). However, ethical altruism emphasizes the desire to assist others while disregarding selfish interests. It entails sacrificing personal interests while maximizing on good for all other involved people. Applying this principle in the case would imply I inform both Joel and Robert. It is important for Joel to know so that he avoids the vice. It is also important that Robert knows so that he finds a way of correcting his wife or at least saving his marriage. Notably, virtue ethics and ethical altruism are in support of my decision in the case.


Brannmark, J. & Sahlin, N. (2010). Ethical theory and the philosophy of risk: first thoughts. Journal of Risk Research, 13(2), 149-161.

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