Social Media Marketing Business Plan

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Date:  2022-03-29


A maid of Aura is a unique cleaning company specialized in offering both residential and commercial house cleaning service in Illinois. Through capital investments, Maids of Aura is determined to expand its service quality and provision parameters. A maid of Aura is a leading cleaning company that is focused on setting new market standards and surpasses customer's expectations. We will disburse our professional service to both wealth and affluent income households. For the targeted households a premium service pay is expected in line with the high-level professionalism, determination and trustworthiness only awarded by Maids of Aura Company and not depicted by any of our market competitors.

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Maids of Aura cleaning company have registered a high projected growth rate annually with an adorable profit margin as a percentage of sales. Maid of Aura cleaning company will be a leading office and household professional and excellent cleaning service, provider. By closure of the first financial year, Maids of Aura Company will recruit the second branch of well trained and competent employees.


For the first three years of operation Maid of Aura cleaning company objective include:

  • To establish a service based company with a primary goal of outpacing customer's prospects.
  • To penetrate the market through the use of social media market platform which will help in showcasing their services to both household and office clients thus hitting the 20 percent client service increment target annually.
  • To promote the company into a sustainable office and home-based business operating on its cash flow.


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, and Google+ are the only platforms utilized by The Maids in their marketing plans. There are many other social sites that the business could use to increase the number of potential customers. However, what has turned out is that Instagram is one of the dominant platforms that could improve the brand's visibility in the Aurora area and beyond. The other possibility includes YouTube.On the other hand, this project is to expand the clientele base of the business by opening other branches hence increased income. In ensuring corporate social responsibility, the business will also offer employment opportunities to the locals, therefore, improving their living standards as well as contributing to economic growth in general. Leading by example through employee welfare; the reasonable work-salary ratio is one of the guiding principles of this business. Another intention for the business is to help the company to rise in ranks regarding quality and reliability to gain a competitive advantage over the other companies dealing in the same field.

Marketing Plan

In conducting one of the best market plans that will lead to profitability in future, it is important to note that several processes are supposed to be put in place.,

Set Goals

The initial step is to identify the core objectives of the social media campaign. It is vital to understand the intended purposes to help in setting marketing goals. The new social media platforms should be able to show some substantial progress once they are utilized. In the case of The Maids, the marketing will increase public awareness of the brand leading to more business opportunities and a loyal fan base. Increasing the number of followers on other platforms like Instagram is a critical factor in ensuring that more people are aware of the business. The company will provide that the Instagram page is up and running with posts consisting of before and after pictures of different projects. It is important to post these different pictures to show viewers the high-quality cleaning done by the company. The company is supposed to set follower target on Instagram and calculate the number of views and reactions on YouTube videos.

Develop an Online Presence

For a company like The Maids of Aurora to become relevant in their general performance and to conduct one of the efficient marketing strategies, it is crucial for the company to establish one of the best online presence in the form of a social media site and general website. The Maids of Aurora is supposed to work on building one of their social media accounts to work on being important competition wise.

The Maids has a substantial following on Facebook, but I will still pay attention in the area of content creation and lead generation. I believe that the Twitter followers could be increased by putting a link next to the content of influencers or using Hootsuite for scheduling tweets. I want, however, to focus on Instagram and YouTube to create a new following for the Maids thus broadening its online community. The visual impact, and significant membership, of these two sites, will sell the brand to a broader audience than it currently enjoys.

Social Media Platforms

Developing a Home Base Website

For Maids of Aurora company to progress, it is important for the company to have their website and a plan of coming up with one of the simplistic websites with embedded features to ensure that their consumers are interacting efficiently. The site will be designed to have a direct homepage with series of videos and picture of the Maids of Aurora cleaning process. The navigation bar will play an essential role in directing an individual to various links of About us, video gallery, Blog and packages.

About Us: the page will offer a brief feature of the company, bringing out the description, videos and short biographies of every employee and their responsibility at the workplace. To make the home page usable and efficient, a comment feature will exist and it provides excellent opportunity so that clients can share their experiences in the company.

Contact Us. This feature on the home page website will play a significant role in aiming to enhance consumer experience including contact form and calendar and a google map. The element will provide an excellent opportunity to the clients by allowing them to have some critical information and their figure tips hence allowing the booking process to be efficient.

Blog. The blog page will be serving as an informational resource for followers and fans so that they can interact with the company through sharing their general views. Maids of Aurora company can also share behind the scene, some of their sessions videos on how they are conducting the general cleaning process and providing the audience other reasons to follow.

Packages. Through the Maids of Aurora company, clients should be given the opportunity on time taken for in accomplishing their services, feature of clients and their specific needs to be offered and the general prices based on the packages that the company is providing to their clients.


Instagram is one of the platforms which are very image-based. Hence Maids of Aurora company should post good pictures and video images of their past cleaning services and how they have managed to satisfy their recent customers. Through Instagram, Maids of Aurora Company will be provided with an opportunity to build great followers in the cleaning industry. On the other hand, Maids of Aurora company will have a chance of having to reach the individuals who are not using their services as a result of issues like the location. The company is supposed to be posting their daily images which pertain showing the clients on how their services are essential. Whenever it is possible, the company is supposed to be taking advantage of most common hash-tags and some of the things that are trending. Through Instagram, the company will experience a broader marketing strategy, and in the long run, it will be beneficial for the company since Instagram will offer a platform to ensure that the company is well recognized.

Some of the Hashtag that the company can make use of include

  • Monday: #mancrushmonday (or #MCM)
  • Tuesday: #transformationtuesday
  • Wednesday: #womancrushwedensday (or #WCW)
  • Thursday: #throwbackthursday (or #TBT)
  • Friday: #flashbackfriday (or #FBF)
  • Saturday: #saturdayshenanigans
  • Sunday: #selfiesunday


Facebook is recognised to be one of the social media platforms that have been in place for a long period, unlike Instagram and twitter, facebook has stayed, and most people even the old age have experienced a taste on how Facebook is entirely operating. I have a strong belief that since most individuals are in facebook, that's even the old ones the platform is one of the best since it will offer the company with everything, for example, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube and Yahoo. By making use of Facebook, one is capable of showcasing the abundance of information and offering data that will offer the opportunity of having to link the clients with another different single page.

Maids of Aurora company should work on sharing images and video on their recent cleaning services and provide the geographical location and how clients could find them. Additionally, they can use Facebook to share their homepage and to focus on advertising some of their services to their clients.


It is important to note that Pinterest can be vast for Maids of Aurora company as well. Most of the companies have in the past utilized this social media platform to search for various stuff. Through interest, the company will be given the opportunity of saving some of their post cleaning images and videos. Since Pinterest provide the opportunity of sharing images to other social media platform, Pinterest will be the best platform to be offering watermarks on the company's pictures son as to avoid an issue such as the impermissible use. Ideally, there is no need to make use of this platform frequently. However, it is still beneficial due to attracted content and demographics.

Work on Increasing the Customer Base

To gain more profit and have access to most clients,Maids of Aurora company is supposed to ensure hard work is directed towards obtaining a firm customer base. Even though the company has demonstrated significant improvement in their general performance, it is essential to for the company to conduct an intensive advertisement that will work on bringing more customers. The company can also seek on reaching family and friends member by performing proper cleaning services.Additionally, when the company focuses on delivering quality services, they will not fail to have a significant number of referral customers. When the job is good, there will be an increasing level of individuals and offices requesting for a cleaning service; the company should use word of mouth and various advertisement platforms that will make the company well recognised.

Research on the Competition

Understanding the social media activities of competing businesses is a useful step in the marketing plan for The Maids. For a better marketing strategy, the company is supposed to consider the content used by the competition and seek ways to go a notch higher regarding creativity. This is by conducting enough marketing research and making sure that the general competitors are monitored, additionally; controlling the rivals will also help to eliminate instances of duplication of ideas. The company should opt for the top companies since they are likely to have substantial social media traffic, this will offer leverage and a better competition ground for the company. On the other hand, the company should work on conducting a competitive analysis on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using Sprout Social to see how The Maids compares with other players. I will also be able to learn from the companies with high engagement figures to improve my marketing strategy.

Research on competition from other companies offering the same services will also be of great importance as it will provide guidelines with on wa...

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