Social Intelligence: Improving Workplace Relationships

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Date:  2023-02-06

The capability to apply and gain skills and information is referred to as intelligence. When a person can apply past experiences to benefit him/her, to tackle problems or cope with arising situations may be referred to as being intelligent. Albrecht summarized Gardner's multiple intelligences into six categories, namely: Abstract, practical, social, aesthetic, kinesthetic, and emotional intelligences (Gardner, 1992). The report focuses on improving the social relationship with colleagues at the workplace environment based on the SPACE concept of multiple intelligences.

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First and foremost is to try as much as possible to remain positive. Most of the relationships are weakened when a person you associate with is unsupportive of your ideas (Green et al., 2005). To build a stronger bond with my colleagues, I will try as much as possible to be mindful of what they speak and support most of their ideas that seem reasonable to me. By doing this, my social relationship with them will be improved.

Secondly, I should try and manage my boundaries with my colleagues (Weller, 1999). To achieve this, I have to set clear my spiritual stand, physical and emotional limits. For instance, in a case where a colleague talks evil of a man of God and despise him, I can try and correct them by telling them what the bible tells us about a man of God. However, by doing so, they will try and respect me and understand I am a spiritual person. Also, the lack of emotional limit may affect how one relates to the other. To ensure there is an emotional limit between my colleagues and I, I will make sure I approach them wisely whenever they say something that does not make me happy. By doing so, I will be utilizing my abstract intelligence which allows me to reason and offer reasonable solutions.

In addition to the above attributes, appreciating my colleagues is yet another factor that when implemented, will improve the relationship with other workers. I will then be appreciative whenever one excel in their task or give a hand. By doing that, I will be applying my emotional intelligence to influence others feelings. Another thing to avoid is gossip. Gossip is an example of politics found in the workplace which contribute to the death of most relationship. Gossiping creates misunderstandings which in the long run results to conflict. By avoiding it, I will be creating peace which then promotes a healthy relationship.

Listening to what the other has to say without interacting them also contribute to a healthy relationship (Weller, 1999). I will thus avoid interacting with my colleagues while they are talking and respond to them promptly. When a colleague notices the other is ignoring them, their relationship with that person deteriorate and may worsen if not corrected.

Last but not least, I should develop my people skills while dealing with my colleagues. For instance, when we are in a conversation where I am not pleased with their point of the idea, I should try as much as possible not to use my body language to mock them. I should also ensure I use correct language while addressing them and avoid abusive language.

Conclusively, been negative, lack of boundaries, not appreciating my colleagues, gossiping, not paying attention to my colleagues and lack of good people skills are the things that deviate my relationship with my colleagues and when dealt with they can improve my bond with colleagues as explained above.


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