Social, Economic, and Environmental Injustices Essay

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Date:  2022-07-20

Social injustice is a situation during which unjust practices are carried out aiming at a particular group in a society. It can, in many different forms, ranging from education, for example, a specific class of students who work may suffer injustice because they lack the opportunity of equality to school choice due to private school existence (Gould et al., 2015). The disparities found in various measures of economic well-being among persons in a population are an economic imbalance. There is a large gap between the poor and the rich widens every day although our country has been enjoying the most extended period of a steady economy (Gould et al., 2015). Those affected include tens of millions of children, women, elderly and ethnic and racial minorities. While environmental injustices which are in the form of environmental racism do often take place when local government or companies build infrastructures that pollute the environment to the extent that mostly affected are the vulnerable in the society including the poor white. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the various forms of injustices, ranging from economic, social and environmental injustices (Gould et al., 2015).

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The health parity act of 2007 by the Senate required that group health insurance plan which offers mental health cover to make application on financial requirements which are entirely nonrestrictive than requirements relating to medical/surgical benefits.s.558 required full equality between mental health medical benefits realized from all aspects of plan coverage which includes; day limit, dollar limits, out-of-pocket maximums among many others. This legislation closed loopholes experienced from previous mental health parity act of 1996 and would have extended protection to about 113 million Americans including 82 million persons. In self-employer plans, that do not benefit from psychological health parity through existing state laws currently. This bill services both in-network and out-networks applying to all private employer health plans covering more than 50 employees (Gould et al., 2015). The act also brought millions of Americans with mental health and substance disorders close to equal treatment so that to put an end to the insurance policies which discriminate against those having been affected by mental disorders.

Forty-three states passed legislation so that to provide varying levels of mental health parity. For the first time, the bill contained an avenue where businesses and insurance companies joined a broad coalition in solidarity with mental health parity legislation. Under this law, state laws which are more protective to the rights of those facing social, economic and environmental injustice will be protected and therefore prevailing over existing federal law that does not protect consumer rights.


To progress, I propose that effective mobilization from various grassroots networks from all involved stakeholders including non-governmental organizations and engagement of elected officials through the association of advancement psychology political giving will help in addressing the disparities that exist as far as social, economic and environmental injustices are concerned (Gould et al., 2015).


Gould, K. A., Pellow, D. N., & Schnaiberg, A. (2015). Treadmill of production: Injustice and unsustainability in the global economy. Routledge.

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