Small Company Struggling to Achieve Financial Equity - Essay Sample

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Audience Information

Description of Each Audience

Company A, located in Austin, Texas it is a new company that just started up with a considerably small number of employees; they currently have only ten employees. This company has small scale technology resources available, and they seem to be struggling to achieve financial equity and profit, presently having non-fix scheduled for their employees due to lacking hours. However, they are looking into gaining efficiencies in serving clients as their first goal. 20 percent of the current employees are Spanish speakers only, and 40% bilingual in Spanish and English.

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Company B is a family-owned business in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. The company has a total of about 42 employees, even though they regularly hire family members to help in the running of the business when the demand is high in the summer. The major strength in the practice of the firm is the technological inclinations, which it applies to a large extent in the firm. Communication is, therefore, fast and effective, especially when it comes to marketing techniques. Even with the enormous technological investment, the company still faces massive competition from other players in the industry. The stiff competition is consequently interfering with the goal of the firm, which is to gain presence within the community and have the capacity to attract customers that can sustain the business through the year.

The most important demographic information to use when targeting this audience in the communication. The most important demographic information for company A is the language spoken by the employees. The employees of the company seem to be people from a multi-ethnic background, as demonstrated by the spoken language. About 20% of the employees in the firm can only speak Spanish, while 40% are bilingual. From the statistics, it is clear that 20 % are solely English speakers. At the same time, not all the people in the firm are full time as some have other jobs elsewhere. It is essential, therefore, to consider the number of people that have relative permanent on the present job as we whether they are female or male for the communication to consider their needs within the communication plan. The schedules kept by the identified people will also help the timing of the communication. Company B has a relatively large workforce working on a full-time basis. The permanence of the employees helps to tailor the information based on the nature of the obs. At the same time, they have part-time employees in the summer who are mostly members of the family. Such an arrangement will determine the communication in terms of the plan of communication. The communication will consider whether they are in the employ or not before tailoring the communication to them. Most of the employees are also young as the company goes for younger employees. Such age is also vital in designing communication for them. The firm is in Quebec, Montreal, and here could be significant multilingualism, especially in French. The message will also tailor the language provisions as necessitated by the location of the firm.


Explanation of what to consider when crafting an effective message for this audience. The most important element to consider when crafting the message for the personnel in the company is the clarity of the message. The message has to be clear enough through simple language and addressing each provision of the communication point comprehensively (Bursztyn et al., 2019). The message communicated in on environmental awareness, which needs to be crafted as simple as possible so that the message is without distortions or face problems of interpretation. In company B the most important element to consider when crafting communication for them is the age and the language spoken by the employees (Bursztyn et al., 2019). Most of the employees in the firm are French-speaking, but it also means that some of them are English speakers. The language of communication is, therefore, must cater to both English and French.

Explanation of the importance of these considerations, support by information about each audience. The consideration of the simplicity of the message is essential since environmental concern issues can be complex if not well elaborated (Mirisola, Gaymond, Orban & Strobl, 2019). However, the demographics of the show that some of the employees are Spanish speakers only, which could suggest a low educational background. With such employees, communication should be comprehensive but straightforward to ensure that it is received without complications. It is also important to have information in Spanish and English so that communication effectively reaches for both speakers. Language is the chief consideration in communication Mirisola et al., 2019). The company has many French speakers. The French-speaking employees require communication in French and English for English speakers. Age is also important, especially when delivering communication on environmental issues. The information must be appealing to the young and temporary employees so that reception is better.


Recommended changes that make each message more useful for the target audience. Primary changes on the information to be provided are provisions of demonstration of how LivingPlanet envisions environmental consciousness. Demonstration of how the business and the employees can help with environmental awareness and responsibility (Zerfass & Viertmann, 2017). The illustrations will provide detailed information in both Spanish and English so that there is a better understanding of the The change in company B will involve more illustration of the message to have better reception by the young workforce. A special message on how the younger generation can help in saving the planet through environmental awareness will go a long way to have the group more receptive to the message (Zerfass & Viertmann, 2017). Illustrations will have to be in French since most are French speakers.

Explanation of why the recommendations would make the message more effective for each audience. Support by information about each audience. The demonstrations on how LivingPlanet see environmental awareness and responsibility will help to get the right notion of environmental responsibility into the organization and the employees (Zerfass & Viertmann, 2017). The critical people in the organizations are the employees, and when they understand their responsibility better to the environment, they are more likely to get the message. Due to the nature of the audience, the message will be contextualized to give both Spanish and English examples of environmental responsibility within the organization. Targeting the youthful employees with illustrations on how young people have a better chance of saving the planet resonates with a majority of the workforce (Zerfass & Viertmann, 2017). Tailoring the message in French illustrations targets not only the majority by age but also the majority by language spoken. However, the provision in both languages is of great importance to ensure the maximum reception of the message. The illustration will feature young people in efforts of environmental awareness that will enable engagement of the younger population.

Delivery Method

Recommended delivery methods best for each audience. The delivery options for company A is through meeting and paper channels such as fliers and bulletin boards. The employees of the firm are few and can, therefore, be facilitated to have a meeting at a convenient time (Brown & Gasloli, 2019). In the meeting, the employees will be taken through the proposals and expectations by Living Pant from the firm. However, the meeting must have a translator since not all the people present understand English. After the meeting, the message will be reinforced with fliers and bulletin boards. The fliers will be both in Spanish and English and provided with as many illustrations as possible to help the target audience understand. Delivery methods for company B will make use of the technological development in the company. The delivery will be through email and intranet communications, video, and internal social media (Brown & Gasloli, 2019). The methods will be delivered to the employees simultaneously to improve reception. The technique is easy and cost-effective.

The explanation for choosing the method for each audience. Support by information about each audience. The delivery method is appropriate for the audience since the company is not technologically advanced, and they still use traditional means. The office filing and standard operations are traditional. At the same time, the audience does not seem to have employees with advanced education levels as some are not English-literate. The meeting will help to have all the members in place at the same time since they keep different shifts as well as other jobs. The fliers and the bulletin boards help to reinforce the message that was delivered in the meetings (Brown & Gasloli, 2019). Employees can take their time to analyze what is being communicated and understand what is expected of them.

Company B is technologically established and has better experience in technology. Additionally, most of the employees are young and associate better with technology. The people can take to technologically based messages. The emails will be tailored to each person, but most will be in French since the majority are French speakers (Brown & Gasloli, 2019). For each to acquaint with, the messages will also be posted on the internal social media platforms. Technologically based communication is easier to put across and reach as many people at the same time. The company has temporary employees in the family who work every summer. They can also be reached through emails so that they are better prepared when they finally come to work in the summer.

Part Two: Interview Questions

Explain how the targeted messages may reach unintended audiences.

When delivery of the message is through the social media platform or technologically based, there is a chance that the message can go to the wrong target. Technology can include the target and people not intended for the message at the same time due to the ease of reception (Rabinowitz, 2019). The targets can deliberately share the message with outsiders or without their knowledge; information can slip to different levels. Communicating using technology is also prone to errors, which can lead to the inclusion of people not within the target. Description of how the content of each targeted message-language, context, tone, and voice-can change the effectiveness of the message.

The target audience to determine the tone and content of the message and different tones can send different signals. The tone is given through the choice of words of the person as well as the arrangement of the words. The choice of words can make one seem respectful or commanding (Rabinowitz, 2019). The audience can pick out particular words to understand the meaning better, and if the words are inappropriate, the message is lost. In verbal messages, especially during meetings, it is essential to have respectful tones as well as varying tone and facial expressions to deliver the right message.

Discuss the potential issues that could arise as a result of delivering each targeted message. For example, consider the legal, ethical, or cultural issues.

Delivery of messages using technology has enormous ethical implications. Spamming s common practice, and with communication in bulk as with company B, there could be a risk of spamming. Legal issues can also arise from th...

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